The media joins Dem pile-on against Feinstein after 'concealing' Fetterman's health condition in 2022

May 26, 2023 at 08:00

The subjects of mental and physical competency in elected office has become a fierce debate in recent months.
Poll after poll have shown voters, even among Democrats, increasingly concerned about Biden's age as he seeks reelection in 2024.
Such health concerns have also bled into the Senate, particularly towards two Democrats.
Like Feinstein, concerns about Fetterman's fitness to serve clouded his low-profile Senate campaign though he ultimately won his race despite them.
Slate reported that Feinstein claimed she hadn't been gone from the Senate and told a reporter "I’ve been working" the entire time.
We wish Feinstein well in the coming days as she considers perhaps the most difficult decision of her long, storied career."
DIANNE FEINSTEIN WAS SICKER THAN PUBLIC KNEW DUE TO SHINGLES THAT CAUSE BRAIN INFLAMATIONThe co-hosts of "The View" unanimously agreed that Feinstein had to go.
FETTERMAN'S DEBATE PERFORMANCE EXPOSED ‘MEDIA MALFEASANCE’ AS HE WAS PROTECTED BY INDUSTRY ALLIES, CRITICS SAYFollowing Fetterman's debate performance exposed how severe his condition was, several news organizations framed attacks towards his fitness to serve as "ableism" and described his condition a "disability."
That made John Fetterman’s appearance a powerful moment, but public reactions were painful," The New York Times wrote.
"Fetterman debate reaction reveals stigma disabled candidates face," a headline from The Washington Post read.
Teen Vogue published an op-ed titled "John Fetterman’s Stroke Has Led to Ableist Criticism From Media, Politicians."
CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThere has reportedly been infighting among Democrats over whether to force Feinstein out.

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