BLM called out for 'incredibly shady' finances as potential bankruptcy looms: 'As shady as Joe Biden's son'

May 26, 2023 at 08:00

The Black Lives Matter organization is no stranger to financial controversy, but this time the organization is sparking headlines over its massive deficit amid bankruptcy fears.
New York Post columnist Adam Coleman detailed the organization's "incredibly shady" business dealings - and even compared the eyebrow-raising transactions to those of Hunter Biden.
BLM CO-FOUNDER’S CONSULTING FIRM PULLED IN OVER $20K A MONTH AS SHE CHAIRED LA JAIL REFORM GROUP"Just as shady as Joe Biden's son in Burisma," Coleman told Todd Piro.
They have a PAC they're transferring money from one account, from one organization to another.
Basically, it looks like they're funneling money to either their family members to possibly get it themselves, but the entire situation looks incredibly shady."
Tax documents posted online show the group raked in about $8.5 million, but spent roughly $17 million on expenses.
Coleman highlighted the organization's money mismanagement as potentially to blame for the current financial woes.
I think truly Black Lives Matter had no concept of having this much influx of money… coming into them," Coleman said.
This comes after it was revealed that donations to Black Lives Matter nosedived nearly $70 million for its fiscal year ending in June 2022, according to the Washington Free Beacon.
Amid the drop in contributions, Black Lives Matter still reportedly spent millions on companies with close ties to the organization's executives.
The BLM Global Network previously funneled nearly $4 million in consulting payments to its leader Shalomyah Bowers and individuals linked to its co-founder Patrisse Cullors.
"This is the shady part that we're talking about… What do they actually do with the money?

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