New Hampshire GOP Senate nominee abruptly backs off false 2020 election claims

September 15, 2022 at 21:50

(CNN) New Hampshire Senate candidate Don Bolduc won the Republican nomination on Tuesday after months campaigning on false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump .
"Don Bolduc has spent the entire campaign touting the Big Lie, and he can't hide from that record.
He has even said that he supports overturning the results of the 2024 election if it doesn't go his way," Hassan campaign spokesman Kevin Donohoe said.
Earlier Thursday, Hassan's campaign shared on Twitter a video clip of Bolduc's debate remark, tweeting, "Don Bolduc is an election denier."
Hassan's seat represents a top pickup opportunity for Republicans , who are trying to erase Democrats' slim Senate majority this fall.
Morse had been endorsed by the state's popular GOP governor, Chris Sununu, whom Senate Republicans had tried -- and failed -- to recruit against Hassan.
Trump did not make an endorsement in the New Hampshire GOP Senate primary.
Trump congratulated Bolduc on Wednesday for his "BIG WIN in New Hampshire" in a post on the former President's Truth Social platform.
Bolduc's campaign shared a screenshot of that post on Twitter , writing, "Strong words from President Trump.
Bolduc had in recent week shown some signs that he was beginning a pivot away from the false 2020 election claims that had been central to his candidacy.
In an interview with New Hampshire Public Radio published on September 2, he repeatedly demurred when asked about those claims.
Eventually, though, after the interviewer plainly stated that there was "no evidence that the 2020 election was stolen," Bolduc tried to distance himself from that language.

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