What it means if a flight attendant thinks you're a 'BOB,' and other travel secrets

November 23, 2022 at 15:03

Navigating the world of airports and airplanes at this time can be stressful, but if anyone's an expert in holiday travel, it's flight attendants.
Scott Olson/Getty ImagesDelays happen and Malis reminds passengers that flight attendants and passengers are "on the same team."
And contrary to what some passengers might think, flight attendants don't hide information from passengers.
That said, sometimes flight attendants are only in a destination for 24 hours.
Sometimes flight attendants will also move passengers so that families can sit together, or to resolve a seat duplicate situation.
Flight attendants support this kind of switching about, but will try not to interfere unless there are issues.
Flight attendants will retire to a separate area of the airplane during this downtime.
Malis and Major say flight attendants are able to eat and drink airline culinary offerings, but may choose not.
"There's some pretty clever little things that flight attendants can do in the galley," she adds.
Mostly flight attendants are just trying to find any spare moments to grab a bite of food to keep going on some of these marathon days."
And yes, some celebrities have a reputation for being rude, and that reputation will spread among flight attendants.
Major says flight attendants can only accept sealed packages, due to the security implications.

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