GM to put thousands of electric vehicle chargers in rural America

December 07, 2022 at 13:08

CNN Business —General Motors is moving ahead with plans to install as many as 40,000 electric vehicle chargers in, mostly, rural parts of America.
This comes as GM plans to sell exclusively zero-emission passenger vehicles by 2035.
The chargers will have industry-standard J1772 charging plugs that can be used by most electric vehicles, not just GM (GM) models.
So far, 1,000 GM dealers have signed on to install as many as 10 chargers per dealership.
Many GM dealership owners — these are independently owned businesses — own more than one dealership.
Today, most electric vehicles in America are sold in coastal areas like New York and California.
EV chargers, likewise, tend to be concentrated more in urban and suburban parts of the nation and around major highways where they serve people driving from one city to another.
GM is working with its dealers, many of which are in rural areas away from major coastal cities, to install chargers in areas that tend to lack them.
The chargers will carry Ultium branding, GM’s name for its electric vehicle and charging ventures, as well as the name of the dealership that sponsored the charging location.
Wheeler gave the example of the son of a local resident who worried about driving home from Milwaukee, 200 miles away, in his Audi electric vehicle, because there weren’t chargers available.
Local contractors will maintain the chargers, which will be robustly built to withstand abuse and attempted vandalism, according to Flo EV Charging CEO Louis Tremblay said.
GM declined to say how much it’s spending on this particular program, but it’s part of an overall $750 million the automaker plans to spend on electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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