ZIK Analytics Publishes YouTube Video Simplifying E Bay Dropshipping for Beginners

October 27, 2022 at 16:02

Paphos Municipality, South Cyprus -

Cyprus-based eCommerce market research platform ZIK Analytics has published a video on its YouTube channel titled “How to Dropship on eBay as a Complete Beginner in 2022! (Step-By-Step Guide).”

In the YouTube video, ZIK Analytics Video Lead Rogério presents a thorough overview of the 5 steps an entrepreneur needs to take to build a successful eBay dropshipping business in 2022. The five steps are summarized in bullet points as signing up on eBay, finding suppliers, finding winning products, listing items, and maintaining a healthy store reputation. Throughout the video, Rogério presents a screen capture of his computer and demonstrates exactly how to perform each step out of ZIK Analytics’ recommended strategy for eBay dropshipping beginners.

Dropshipping on eBay in 2022

When it comes to signing up on eBay, Rogério offers tips on how to operate an account on the eCommerce platform so that it doesn’t trigger the algorithms that eBay has put in place to weed out malicious or low-effort sellers. For finding suppliers, Rogério recommends Walmart as the ideal partner for beginner dropshippers.

Next, Rogério details two strategies, manual and autopilot, for finding products to sell that have the most potential for catching a winning streak and generating lucrative profits. For both strategies, Rogério uses ZIK Analytics’ own product research platform. Rogério even incentivizes viewers to get started by providing a link in the YouTube video’s description to sign up for a trial period for just $1.

Rogério then moves on to the next step of the 2022 ZIK Analytics Dropshipping Guide which is listing the products on the eBay store. For this task, ZIK Analytics recommends Auto DS, a dropshipping automation platform with built-in integration in ZIK Analytics. Finally, Rogério uses his years of dropshipping experience to share 6 helpful tips on how to maintain a good reputation as an eBay seller. One of his most valuable pieces of advice is to cancel orders correctly via a buyer’s request to avoid getting a defect and damaging the store’s performance.

YouTube viewers have responded very positively to the video and have left encouraging comments such as “Very helpful!!! Thanks a lot, team ZIK for such quality content that you are providing to your audience,” “Amazing!!!! Thanks, ZIK Analytics for this very informative video! Can't believe in just 11 minutes I can learn all these without confusion. You explained it well, Mr. R! Looking forward to more helpful content soon,” “Wonderful video! Thank you so much for this very helpful guide and golden information,” and more.

Nahar Geva, the founder of ZIK Analytics promoted the video on the most popular community for eBay dropshipping on Reddit, r/dropshipping. He added a comment on the Reddit post saying, “I really hope this is helpful for the community. eBay is a great platform to start dropshipping as you can enter the market with very little money down. Ads are paid once the sale is made, and you are marketing to a community of very hungry buyers.”

Zig Analytics’s Pro subscription offers a range of features such as Product Research, Competitor Research, Category Research, Title Builder, and Item Finder. The slightly more expensive Pro+ subscription offers all the features from the Pro subscription along with 500 Bestselling eBay Items, Bulk Scanner, and Ali-Growth Scanner. Finally, the Enterprise subscription tier offers everything from Pro+ along with the Autopilot and Turbo Scanner functionality. All three pro tiers also offer access to a VIP community of other dropshippers, training, and live chat. Buying a yearly subscription for any tier gives buyers a 2-month discount.

Founded in 2016, ZIK Analytics has since helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world generate over $750 Million in sales through its market research platform. The company has received favorable coverage from several major print and TV publications including ABC, CBS, Forbes, Fox, and NBC. ZIK Analytics has an engaged international user base that has given its software services and business development courses an impressive overall rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 from over 170 reviews on TrustPilot.


For more information about Zik Analytics, contact the company here:

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