West Fort Worth Roofing Company Offers Free Inspection

June 20, 2022 at 17:29

Fort Worth, Texas -

Mighty Dog Roofing of West Fort Worth is pleased to announce that they are offering free inspection of roofs in West Fort Worth and neighboring areas. They have a team of roofing specialists who will conduct an inspection of the home free of charge to make sure that the roof would be able to withstand storms and other kinds of extreme weather conditions. Afterwards, if the inspection reveals a need for roof repair or a roof replacement, they will provide a no obligation free estimate. The offer a quality solution that will ensure the peace of mind of the homeowner. This is because they work with the leading manufacturers in the roofing industry and home improvement to provide a quality roofing installation that is ensured to last for years.

This roofing company in West Fort Worth is locally owned and operated by Ben Hobbs, who has focused on real estate investing and home improvement since the early 2000s. He obtained a Master’s Degrees in Real Estate and Construction Management from the University of Denver in 2006, after which he worked as a commercial real estate broker in Colorado. He is a highly qualified general contractor and construction manager and he is focused on taking care of his employees to ensure they will likewise take care of their customers.

Mighty Dog Roofing of West Fort Worth

Ben Hobbs, owner of Mighty Dog Roofing of West Fort Worth, says, “Our Mighty Dog Roofers are part of the best roofing team that excels at roof repair, roof replacement, and more, giving our clients a beautiful, safe, comfortable place to live for over 20 years in West Fort Worth Texas and around the country. Regardless of the home improvement roofing needs you might have, we offer a quality solution that will leave you with peace of mind and a safe home. We work with the best manufacturers in the roofing industry and home improvement to deliver a quality installation that will last for years.”

Aside from offering roofing and other related services, they also offer financing for the convenience of their customers. With this particular service, the homeowner is able to get personalized financing with no impact on their credit score. They offer a 100 percent fully online process of getting a number of alternatives for personalized financing and affordable payment with financing companies who are capable of quickly approving and providing financing for the roofing project without the usual hassle. The financing offered stands out among other similar services because of a number of features. First, the homeowner is able to get pre-qualified for receiving several offers in seconds. Second, the pre-qualified offers will have no effect on their credit scores. Third, homeowners may be able to get funding as high as $100,000 with terms of up to 12 years and an APR as low as 3.99 percent. And finally, homeowners get the funds in as little as one business day.

Mighty Dog Roofing of West Fort Worth is a locally owned and operated provider of roofing and related services in West Fort Worth and neighboring areas. These include: residential or commercial roofing services, gutter repair or installation, siding installation, and window installation. Aside from roofing, they also have the capability to provide a durable rain gutter system, allowing the homeowner to avoid any unexpected expenses in the future. They can also install seamless gutter systems, which provide an attractive and cost-effective solution for preventing gutter leaks and damage. Furthermore, they can help in updating a home’s exterior through the installation of maintenance-free siding. And finally, they offer window installation services to provide high quality windows that are more energy efficient and more secure.

People who would like to learn more about the services offered by a West Fort Worth roofing company can check out the Mighty Dog Roofing of West Fort Worth website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, from Sunday to Saturday.


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of West Fort Worth, contact the company here:

Mighty Dog Roofing of West Fort Worth
Ben Hobbs
2833 Crockett St #182 Fort Worth, TX, 76107


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