Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Advised For Houston Drivers

August 16, 2023 at 16:40

Houston, TX based Bayou Graphics is advising drivers and car owners to seriously consider having their vehicle wrapped in vinyl instead of committing to new paint jobs. There are a number of benefits to doing so, the company says, and they are eager to explain why.

To begin with, they say it is important to understand what a vinyl wrap is. As the name implies, vinyl wrap consists of a thin vinyl film that can be used to ‘wrap’ a vehicle. This wrap will fit the vehicle like a second skin, however, and will often be indistinguishable from a paint job at a glance. Further, vinyl wrap boasts certain properties that make it more useful than paintjobs in a typical urban environment.

One of the biggest advantages a car owner will find in vinyl wrap is how affordable it is. A paint job, when done right, is a fairly costly investment, and Bayou Graphics says there are relatively fewer situations where this option would make more sense for the average car owner. By comparison, a vinyl wrap purchase is much easier to justify, especially given that they come in an extraordinarily wide range of patterns and designs. In fact, those familiar with graphic design may even be able to create their own solution if they so wish.

On top of this, a vinyl wrap’s most useful trait may be its ability to protect a car’s paintwork. While paint will protect the main structure underneath, it is itself not immune to corrosion and damage. Over time, a paint job can fade or suffer damage from the elements, and the expense of a fresh paint job then cannot be avoided.

This is why it is recommended that car owners have vinyl wrapping installed even when a vehicle is brand new. This will protect it from chemicals, unusually harsh car washes and other sources of superficial damage. Should it suffer damage, its affordable nature also makes it much easier to replace. See more here: Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Houston.

There are some reasons why car owners may feel uneasy about getting their vehicle wrapped in vinyl. Bayou Graphics acknowledges that the material has a reputation for being difficult to install, requiring experienced professionals to ensure there are no bubbles or creases that leave an unsightly hiccup on an otherwise smooth and unblemished surface. An improper installation can also cause paint damage to the vehicle, which is not what anyone wants to deal with.

While these concerns are valid, the company points out that the true concern with the material lies in the people who are installing it. Any aftermarket option can ruin a vehicle if implemented poorly, and the same is true for vinyl wrapping. As such, a car owner’s decision should not rest on whether or not a vinyl wrap is a safe choice — it almost invariably is the best choice. Instead, Bayou Graphics encourages the community to think about the professionals they trust their vehicle to for such a service.

Bayou Graphics has a reputation for matching the highest quality products with a similarly high standard of service. While some customers can afford to spend time having their vehicle wrapped or bring it back for corrections to be made, Bayou Graphics believes it is essential for the team to value each and every customer’s time and money. As such, everyone who chooses this crew to work on their vehicle can expect nothing less than exemplary service and top-tier professional conduct.

“We picked up a commercial delivery truck from a vendor who didn't decal our vehicle with DOT or commercial logos, etc. per agreement,” shares a customer who benefitted from the team’s work ethic. “This would have left us without the ability to use our commercial vehicle for several weeks. I contacted Bayou Graphics, and within 24 hours, Bayou Graphics presented specs to approve and had us scheduled for application the following day. And the cost was cheaper than what my original vendor was charging. A win-win all around. Thank you, Bayou Graphics and Dane. Your support was best-in-class.”

Having served the communities of Houston and beyond for years, Bayou Graphics has both the skill and experience required to make sure every vinyl wrap is installed without issue. Each member of the team receives careful training to ensure no harm will come to a customer’s vehicle.

Car owners in the market for a Houston vinyl vehicle wrap may contact Bayou Graphics today to schedule an installation. The company can be reached by phone or email, and anyone can stop by to discuss what is best for their vehicle.


For more information about Bayou Graphics, contact the company here:

Bayou Graphics
Dane DellaCrosse
(832) 912-8200
11321 Neeshaw Dr, Houston, TX 77065


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