Twin Cities North Lighting Contractors Blingle! Illuminates St. Paul and Minneapolis Communities

June 28, 2023 at 16:24

Twin Cities, Minnesota – Blingle! is happy to announce they are now serving Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, aka The Twin Cities. Blingle! is a nationally franchised lighting contractor that is quickly becoming the go-to service for all outdoor lighting needs. Offering premium outdoor lighting solutions for holidays, special events, residential and commercial properties, and more, Blingle! can bring expert illumination to any space.

“When clients choose Blingle! they can expect nothing but the best,” says Lead Lighting Designer, Austin Krohn. “At Blingle!, we craft lighting designs that are both visually stunning and technically efficient. Utilizing only the best professional grade lighting equipment, our team brings illuminating designs to life. We love what we do at Blingle!”

Blingle! can light up nearly anything in the Twin Cities community, including roof lines, decks, docks, landscapes, patio, porches, fire pits, even outdoor pools. They offer a number of lighting options, including low voltage LED lighting, string lighting, patio chandeliers, path lighting, accessibility lighting, and more. Visit company website to check out a complete list of lighting options and services.

Blingle! takes pride in using top-of-the-line lighting equipment to deliver impeccable results. By partnering with trusted suppliers and manufacturers, they ensure that their clients receive the highest quality lighting products that are built to last. From energy-efficient LED lighting to cutting-edge control systems, Blingle! stays at the forefront of lighting technology to provide clients with state-of-the-art solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality.

​​One of the key advantages of booking a lighting contractor like Blingle! is the access to a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and creativity. The Blingle! Team of Lighting contractors possess a deep understanding of lighting techniques, color palettes, and the latest industry trends. They leverage their expertise to design customized lighting schemes that complement the architecture, landscape, and overall theme of any space. With their attention to detail and artistic flair, Blingle! brings life to ordinary environments, making them extraordinary.

When it comes to lighting the Twin Cities, it’s important to take weather into consideration. Minnesota is ranked as the 2nd worst state for winters in all of the US. With temperatures that can reach as low as negative 60 degrees, and snowfall of up to 170 inches, Minnesota presents many challenges for lighting. In addition to the brutal winters, Minnesota sees rainy springs, and humid summers, which can also pose a threat to lighting.

The team at Blingle! understands that Minnesota’s weather plays a huge factor in lighting installation. This is what all clients are protected with a “Twice as Bright, No Lights Out Guarantee.” This means that if the lighting fails for any reason, The Blingle! Team will come perform maintenance on the lighting, free of charge. This is a perk that clients love, and it puts them at ease knowing that their purchase is protected in the event of bad weather.

From designing a romantic ambience for a wedding, to crafting a stunning christmas lighting design, The Blingle! Team is experienced, efficient, and dedicated to bringing the best lighting designs to life. They promise alongside the best in lighting technology, the best in customer service. From the initial consultation to take down, Blingle!’s friendly and helpful customer service team is there every step of the way.

Booking Blingle! for lighting services is a simple and efficient process. Clients can visit web site, where they can explore the diverse portfolio of lighting projects completed by Blingle! and access an easy-to-use booking platform. With just a few clicks, they can connect with the Blingle! team to discuss their specific lighting needs and receive a personalized quote. Clients will also receive a digital mock up of their lighting design before they agree and sign the contract. This way, there are no unexpected surprises with their designs, and clients get exactly what they want.

Blingle! Twin Cities is committed to lighting up their Minnesota community, by offering the best lighting technology, designs, and customer service. For more information or media inquiries, please contact them at 651-410-1770. Their physical location is 1801 Old Hwy 8 NW ste 121 New Brighton MN, 55112.


For more information about Blingle! of Twin Cities North, contact the company here:

Blingle! of Twin Cities North
1801 Old Hwy 8 NW ste 121 New Brighton MN, 55112


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