Specialty Foundation Repair Explains the Ideal Crawl Space Humidity Level and How the ATMOX System Can Help Achieve It

December 30, 2022 at 17:01

Specialty Foundation Repair, a foundation repair consultant and basement/ crawlspace waterproofing expert company in Concord, NC, has recently published on LinkedIn an article by the company founder Michael Masserang that explains the ideal crawlspace humidity level. In the event that the moisture level is too high, this can be remedied by improving ventilation in the crawlspace using a hybrid dewpoint-controlled fan system in conjunction with dehumidification like the one provided by the ATMOX System, and/or effectively sealing off the crawlspace with conventional encapsulation and providing dehumidification.

Atmox system

Michael Masserang says, “We’ve been getting increased amount of inquiries about what the ideal humidity level is inside the crawlspace. The fact of the matter is, relative humidity is just one of the many factors needed to be taken into account when properly diagnosing crawlspace health. Temperature, dew point, and equilibrium wood moisture content must also be considered. A few days or even weeks of elevated relative humidity levels inside crawl spaces does not necessarily translate into immediate crawlspace condensation and wood moisture problems. It is all a factor of dew point or reaching 100% saturation of the particular air mass trapped inside the crawlspace. Managing the buildup of moisture can be done by either improving ventilation with a hybrid dew point-controlled fan system combined with dehumidification such as the ATMOX System and/or sealing up the crawlspace with a traditional encapsulation combined with dehumidification.”

Problems with crawlspace moisture have been a concern of homeowners and other property owners for almost 100 years. And various technologies for moisture proofing the crawlspace and waterproofing are typically used to resolve the problem. And it is quite common for older homes in the Carolinas to have poor ventilation and air quality. In order to provide more energy efficient homes, builders have been constructing tighter homes, which has led to more challenging crawlspace ventilation problems.

Michael Masserang points out that while the humidity level in the crawlspace is an excellent question with a lot of varying views, it confuses the issue and has been enabled the development of a multi-billion dollar industry causing the public to pay the price as a result of poor diagnosis, erroneous linear thinking, and embellishment of the symptoms. A key factor is the dew point or attaining 100 percent saturation of the specific air mass that has been trapped within the crawlspace. When a 100 percent relative humidity is reached, condensation forms and the wood frames expand rapidly and biofilm contaminants form on the outer layers of the wood. Excess moisture accumulates inside the crawlspace over a long period of time.

The buildup of moisture inside the crawlspace can be controlled with the ATMOX Controlled Ventilation System that has been specifically designed for decreasing the moisture level in the crawlspace or basement. It employs a combination of a computerized control panel, fans, and sensors to deliver the proper ventilation through dew point comparisons. It then compares the external and internal conditions to determine the right time for air to be exchanged in the crawlspace or the activation of an optional dehumidifier. The ATMOX is fully automated and the homeowner can simply let its sensors and controllers do the work using its sophisticated software.

Specialty Foundation Repair is a foundation repair and basement/ crawlspace waterproofing service provider based in Concord, North Carolina. It was established by Michael Masserang, who has been in the industry since 1993 and has already done hundreds for crawlspace and foundation inspections, including repairs. Masserang says, “Everybody knows exactly how vital the foundation of any structure is. Any and all issues with the foundation will lead to issues for the rest of the structure, and these issues can be very serious. If your home or workspace has issues in its foundation or crawl space, you need to have it dealt with as soon as possible. As a foundation repair consultant and basement/crawlspace waterproofing expert, my job is to help you solve your foundation problems regardless of the cause.”

Those who would like to know more about the crawlspace waterproofing and moisture control services offered by Specialty Foundation Repair can check out their website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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