Spa And Wellness: NewMe Spa in Cyprus Adds New Wellness Services To Make Elevate Clients’ Experience

March 08, 2023 at 17:47

Nicosia, Cyprus: Cyprus-based wellness centre, NewMe Spa, has announced the addition of new wellness services to their existing line-up. The new services are designed to help elevate clients' experiences, doubling down on their commitment to providing a truly holistic approach to wellness. This comes as part of the spa centre’s ongoing efforts to provide an inclusive and immersive experience for its clients.

Targeting both locals and visitors to Cyprus, NewMe Spa offers a range of services catered to each person’s needs. From body treatments and facial treatments to massage and microblading services, NewMe Spa uses only the best products and techniques to ensure quality care. Adding to their existing services are the Buccal Sculpting Facial Massage, Xlase Plus Diode, Belnaissance Perinatal Care and more.

The Buccal Sculpting Facial Massage is a natural way of sculpting and contouring the face, while Xlase Plus Diode permanently reduces hair growth. Belnaissance Perinatal Care is a special package that includes pre- and post-natal treatments such as massage and rehabilitation. These new services are revolutionary and cater to the needs of both men and women.

The vision of NewMe Spa is to create a place where people can come and relax, heal and have their needs met in an environment that is positive and inclusive. With the addition of these new services, guests will be able to create their own personal wellness journey while enjoying a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

"What sets us apart from most spas is our homely feel. Clients can enjoy their treatments in a home away from home atmosphere, feeling comfortable throughout their experience," said the owner of NewMe Spa.

Another factor that makes NewMe Spa stand out is its focus on providing quality services and products. High-end products from some of the world’s top brands are used to ensure the best possible results. The spa also employs experts in their respective fields, ensuring clients receive the best care and advice.

This expansion is an exciting leap forward for NewMe Spa, as they continue to set the standard for wellness centres in Cyprus. With the addition of these new services, they will remain one step ahead of their competitors, continuing to provide a truly luxurious experience for all clients.

About NewMe Spa:

NewMe Spa is a spa and wellness centre based in Nicosia, Cyprus. The spa offers various services, from body treatments to facial treatments and more. With the addition of new services, NewMe Spa strives to make its guests’ experience even more elevated. For more information, please visit


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NewMe Spa
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