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October 31, 2022 at 16:09, an advocacy group raising awareness for the need for fundamental changes in search engine optimization or SEO has announced they will be presenting at the SEO Spring Training Conference ( ) in Phoenix, AZ April 13th - 16th , 2023.

Stealth SEO is a proposed solution to a class of industry problems caused by SEO professionals escalating an arms race of web page optimization with each other. This escalation is turning the web into a keyword stuffed and artificial intelligence written disaster.

This arms race is where businesses compete for the free search traffic a search engine has to offer for a keyword. To maintain those valuable top rankings businesses have to constantly adapt to other website who are constantly adapting to them. To make the situation worse SEO tools and platforms are filling the role of the evil arms dealers well. They sell to all sides and often sell one's website's SEO tuning standards to their direct competition.

Some SEOs and businesses are starting to think enough is enough.

"For some keywords I have to hide my SEO and block or send false data to SEO bots to slow down the rate at which the competition is stealing my every move. For some of the keywords the top ranking pages my competitors are using their keywords thousands of times on pages the visually have no text content. It quickly turns into a situation of if you can't beat them, join them... or die," said Caine Moore, online business owner.

The Stealth SEO advocacy Group has a proposed method that allows websites to take their SEO relationship with search engines private and thus ending this costly arms race. By combining White Hat principles to already commonly exploited cloaking techniques legitimate businesses can channel their SEO to search engines without misleading searchers and cut out the SEO tools and people that purposefully drive up the on-page tuning disaster.

Google and other search engines do not yet support these methods but without advocacy there will never be change and the technology exists today to fix this situation. The problem is going to be getting people to agree.

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