Rehab Near Me Studies the Connection Between Substance Abuse to Mental Health

April 07, 2023 at 22:22

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Rehab Near Me, a company that is dedicated to helping those suffering from substance abuse to find treatment, is making a change in how Americans view substance abuse. The company has recently begun to look more at how mental health and substance abuse are related and what can be done to make treatment a more positive experience with a more positive outcome.

James Thomas, a spokesperson for the company says, “While there is still a huge issue of addiction and substance abuse, we need to understand that many of the underlying issues that cause addiction are mental health related. Making a slight adjustment in how addiction treatment is discussed, is humanizing the people that suffer from addiction, and educating the public that these are our brothers and sisters that are hurting.”

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The company focuses on helping individuals and their families who are in need of treatment to find a number of residential drug treatment programs, says that about half of all people who suffer with severe mental disorders are likely to be affected by substance abuse. Nearly half of all individuals who currently have some sort of substance abuse issue are also affected by at least one, and in many cases two or more, mental illnesses.

“We are working with various mental heath service clinics and providers throughout the United States to help find qualified facilities for those that need help,” says Thomas. “We want to humanize addiction, focus on the person who is struggling and not the disease itself.” Thomas adds that treatment for substance abuse must include looking into any mental health issues that the individual is facing if that treatment is to be successful.

Stigmas have long been placed on those who suffer from addiction, as well as those with any sort of mental health issue. Thomas says that changing how the world views those individuals, and changing how the individual views him or herself, will go a long way in helping them to overcome their addiction.

Thomas adds that every treatment facility is different and while one may work for one patient another may be best for someone else. He says that it is best to find a treatment program that is geared toward the individual and not the disease as a whole. He offers that the site provides information about popular insurance company coverage and other insurance programs that may help to offset the cost of addiction recovery and says that they work with centers that will accept most insurance plans.

Thomas stresses that every patient is different and finding the right facility is crucial to the overall recovery process. He states that the company has begun focusing on working with individuals to help them to treat the mental condition that may have led to their addiction in the first place. Learning what that mental issue may be and focusing on the treatment of that specific issue can help to make addiction recovery much more successful.

Thomas adds that anyone who has questions can reach out to Rehab Near Me to find out more about the types of insurance they offer, the specific facilities that they work with and general information about substance addiction and mental health and how the two may be related. The company states that as more and more individuals realize that there is commonly a connection between mental health and substance abuse, more and more individuals will be able to receive the help that they need to successfully complete a recovery program.

Those who are currently suffering from substance abuse or those who have a loved one with a substance problem can call the company at 855-227-9535 or email at any time to learn more or to speak with a substance abuse specialist. Interested individuals can also visit the company online to learn more about the types of insurance that can cover substance abuse recovery or to find out more about the facilities that the company works with.


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