Rehab Facility in Tennessee Proud of Its Diverse and Comprehensive Outpatient Treatments

November 25, 2022 at 19:43

Fayetteville, Tennessee -

Resurgence Tennessee is a rehab facility that has seen its addiction patients make great strides toward recovery in its outpatient programs. This has much to do with the fact that this prominent rehab center tailors these treatments to every patient’s specific needs. A process that’s done by getting to better know their patients' mental, physical, and emotional states.

A spokesperson for Resurgence Tennessee also pointed out that their staff is very proud of the fact that they offer very diverse and comprehensive outpatient addiction treatments; something critical to being able to help the wide variety of addiction issues that their patients face.

A woman reflects in nature during an outpatient rehab Tennessee excursion with Resurgence TN

The spokesperson went on to discuss further how Resurgence Tennessee’s outpatient treatment programs work. He gave as an example their highly structured Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). PHP is a treatment program that has shown success in patients that are suffering from substance dependence and any related mental health issues. He stated that these patients reside at home at night and travel to Resurgence Tennessee’s facility up to 7 times per week to participate in various treatment programs. Once again, the spokesperson reminded that this consists of tailored, evidence-based care that patients are expected to devote a significant amount of time to each day. It was also mentioned that many that have entered Resurgence Tennessee’s PHP treatment programs often do so as a means of continuing care after completing an in-residence treatment program. This is done to better help them transition into leading more successful daily lives. Resurgence Tennessee’s spokesperson also brought up that their partial hospitalization program utilizes many of the same therapies as their inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs do. Albeit with a level of care that’s significantly lower. A big part of their PHP program is incorporating more structured real-life challenges to the treatment routine to better help a patient focus on their responsibilities and coping skills. This is done in to help promote long-term sustained recovery.

Also discussed was Resurgence Tennessee’s Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). They at the rehab center feel they are some of the best IOP programs in Tennessee. Many people like to describe this type of treatment as a blended inpatient and outpatient program. That’s because it consists of important aspects of each but is done on a not-quite-full-time basis. IOP treatments aim to improve accountability while clients transition to successful daily lives and once again, the course of treatment is designed around each patient’s needs. This type of outpatient rehabilitation program is only intended for those that no longer require 24/7 medical supervision. He stated this type of treatment offers flexibility to those that cannot afford to leave their job, school, or family for an extended period but still wish to maintain sobriety while going about their daily routine. Most of those in Intensive outpatient programs will still participate in therapy groups and do whatever it takes to apply the skills they have learned during treatments.

One other important aspect of all levels of both inpatient and outpatient care at Resurgence Tennessee is that they practice DBT rehab. The spokesperson pointed out that their staff has embraced dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) because this has proven to be a powerful means of reshaping client self-talk. By doing this, it helps to better determine patients’ destructive behaviors and then come up with new ways to effect change. The spokesperson for Resurgence Tennessee acknowledged that some people who are struggling with addiction may not be properly served by either of the above-mentioned outpatient treatment programs. In that case, a custom outpatient treatment program can be created for them. He stated that they have also just produced a resource that compares Smart therapy to more traditional style 12-step methodologies that are used by AA and in many faith-based settings.

The spokesperson also explains that these should be treated as complementary and not competing therapies because they both can help relieve addiction and promote lasting recovery. That’s why when it comes to SMART recovery vs 12 steps, they do not recommend one over the other and choose to use a blend of both for their outpatient treatments. The Resurgence Tennessee spokesperson stated that as always, they invite those struggling with addiction and their loved ones to reach out to them at any time for further information on their treatments and to inquire about admission.


For more information about Resurgence Tennessee, contact the company here:

Resurgence Tennessee
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