Real Deal Sober Living Northeast Dallas Helps Clients Give Up Being An Alcoholic & Start Living Sober

January 22, 2022 at 00:12

Real Deal Sober Living Northeast Dallas is helping those suffering from alcohol addiction get a grip on their dependency, permanently kick the habit, and approach life with a fresh and wholesome new outlook. The center recently announced that it was accepting patients in its Northeast Dallas facility in a press release that can be read at the link:

The sober living home experience is a lot different from traditional drug rehab or inpatient treatment programs. It is meant to be a low-stress environment where continuous monitoring of the resident is not required. Drug tests may be a part of some sober living facilities but is not usually a requirement as the focus is on giving those living there the freedom to leave the house and pursue fruitful activities such as exercising, socializing, and maintaining gainful employment. Sober living facilities encourage residents to build camaraderie with others undergoing recovery to create a shared experience that allows them to bond and rise above their individual problems, together, as a group.

Alcoholism and Prescription Drugs

Real Deal Sober Living Northeast Dallas says that it understands the core functions that a sober living facility should serve and hence has tuned the features and facilities it offers to closely match the needs of its residents. The center offers a number of amenities that make a positive difference in the struggle faced by those that come to it for help. It offers live-in managers who ensure that each resident is being held accountable for their actions and that they are on track to meet their personal sobriety goals. The live-in managers also lead daily meetings, administer UA/Breathalyzer tests, and conduct the weekly accountability groups. Readers can find out more about what makes the center’s facilities one of a kind by browsing through all the amenities that it offers by heading over to the link:

When asked about its philosophy for bringing about a lasting change in the lives of its residents, a spokesperson for the center says, “The core principles that guide the kind of services we offer and the sober living environment that we are trying to create can be summed up in four words - accountability, community, open-mindedness, and discipline. Each of these pillars plays a significant role in helping our residents come back from the brink of self-destruction and turn their lives around to become happy and productive members of society. For instance, consider the importance of a supportive community. Drug and alcohol addiction does not happen in isolation. It is a pattern of behavior that is kicked off by being in a social circle that encourages each other to pursue those modes of escapism. We believe that since the environment one is in plays a huge role in whether someone gets hooked onto these substances, we also believe that replacing that environment with a group of other people who are just like you and can relate to your struggle can be the key to pulling someone out of a life of despair. To make sure the transformation is effective, we also pair our residents with live-in managers - focused, motivated, and dedicated individuals who will work hard for your betterment. We are confident that these ingredients can help anyone give up the harmful path they are on and kickstart a brand new life with a refreshed attitude.”

The company currently offers two programs. The classic program costs $800 a month and gives residents access to a live-in manager, daily meditation meetings, accountability, and all of their utilities are paid for. The signature program gives residents access to every perk from the classic program along with another live-in manager, food, transportation, and a gym membership. The signature program costs $1500 a month.

Readers who are suffering from alcohol addiction or have family members with the debilitating affliction can find the contact information for Real Deal Sober Living Northeast Dallas and read resident testimonials by heading over to the link:


For more information about Real Deal Northeast Dallas Sober Living, contact the company here:

Real Deal Northeast Dallas Sober Living
(469) 599-2162
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