Rally4Vets Selects Road-Keeper as The Top Dog Championship's Official Video and Data Loggers

March 23, 2023 at 17:04

Rally4Vets, the nationwide motorsports program highlighting veteran issues, has announced that it is delighted to partner with Race-Keeper as the official in-car video and data logger for all its future events.

The Road-Keeper HD is billed as the ultimate video and data logging system for road cars, race cars, off-road racers, race boats, helicopters, airplanes, and other vehicles. The system allows drivers to record dual-stream 1080p Full HD video and audio and offers 10Hz GPS and accelerometer data logging. The mapping, lap, and split timing, and driver comparison offered by the system are within reach of everyone on the track or the road. Created by Trivinci Systems LLC, the Road-Keeper HD is designed to be fully compatible with the company’s Race-Keeper Comparo, an industry-standard video data analysis application.

Rally4Vets CEO Robert Hess and Road-Keeper CEO Angus MacKenzie

Rally4Vets founder Robert Hess praises the unique amalgamation of high-quality hardware and robust software tools offered by Trivinci by saying, “We are delighted to partner with Race-Keeper. Motorsport is a fun and exciting sport and one of our goals is to provide our sponsors and supporters with the experience of driving a racecar. The Road-Keeper system lets us easily provide each driver with a video recording of the on-track experience. Our participants love it.” Readers can find out more about the Road-Keeper HD system by visiting www.road-keeper.com.

The Rally4Vets program is one of the many initiatives undertaken by the Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network (DVEN), an organization that raises awareness about the challenges that veterans face in the United States. As an Army veteran and PTSD survivor himself, Robert Hess combined his passion for motorsports with his first-hand experience of life as a retired serviceman to create Rally4Vets and amplify DVEN’s message.

One of DVEN's key missions is reducing the annual veteran suicide death toll. Over 6,000 veterans and active-duty personnel take their own lives every year. This equates to almost one life lost every hour. The counter on the organization’s homepage, which currently sits at over 1700 veteran suicides since January 1st, 2022, is a stark reminder of the scale of the problem it is dealing with.

"Veteran suicide claims the lives of 18 veterans and active-duty personnel every day,” Robert says. “Connecting these veterans and their family members with resources to prevent these deaths is one of our key missions." Readers can find out more about the work DVEN has undertaken by visiting www.dven.org.

Rally4Vets holds several motorsports events throughout the year to support providing free service dogs to veterans dealing with PTSD. Its programs include TrackCross - autocross on a racetrack, road rallies, and car meetups. The organization’s impactful work and Robert’s dedication to the cause have attracted the interest of several sponsors such as Radial Tire Company from Silver Spring, MD, and Navy Federal Credit Union.

Since 2021, Rally4Vets has also hosted the annual Top Dog Championship at Summit Point Raceway in Jefferson County, West Virginia. The event, open to drivers at all skill levels, is an opportunity for motorsports enthusiasts, such as veterans, active-duty personnel, family members, and anyone who takes pride in the nation’s defense forces, to come together in a friendly, low-risk environment to compete for bragging rights.

Robert welcomes motorsports enthusiasts who admire Rally4Vets’ mission to attend its next major event later this year by saying, "Spectators can attend the 2023 Top Dog Championship at Summit Point on October 1, 2023, for free. We encourage everyone to come out and cheer on their favorite service team. The Army team claimed the Top Dog Trophy in 2021 and 2022."

Rally4Vets events provide the motorsports community with several ways to support America's disabled veteran community. As of the time of writing, readers can make donations towards DVEN’s 2023 fundraiser. With a goal of $20,000, DVEN aims to fund one year of the Veterans Moving Forward two-year service dog training program which will provide a fully trained service dog for a disabled veteran.

Readers can find out more about Rally4Vets and Robert Hess by visiting www.rally4vets.com.


For more information about DVEN, contact the company here:

Robert Hess
840 Apollo Street
Suite 100
El Segundo, CA 90245


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