Announces Gig Lead Generation Service for the Best Tribute Bands

February 21, 2023 at 17:01

San Ramon, California - (PTB) is proud to announce its new show lead generation service for the best tribute bands in the business. This new service helps connect the "best of the best" tribute bands with corporate, festival and private talent buyers, and helps event planners and bookers quickly and easily find the absolute best tribute bands for their events.

With PTB's gig lead generation service, tribute bands receive their own customized and optimized page on the website and access to potential leads from buyers interested in booking tribute bands for their events. Bands are responsible for negotiating with the buyer, finalizing the date, and closing the deal. PTB follows up with the buyer to ensure a smooth transaction. Beatles tribute band, Britain

"We are thrilled to offer this new service to the best tribute bands in the industry," said David Victor, founder of PTB. "Our goal is to help these talented musicians connect with buyers who are looking for the absolute best tribute bands for their events. With our show lead generation service, tribute bands can expand their reach and book more shows than ever before, taking their careers to the next level."

PTB is committed to helping tribute bands succeed in the industry by providing additional valuable resources, sub musicians and other booking support. This new gig lead generation service is just one of the many ways that PTB is helping tribute bands grow and thrive.

For more information on PTB's gig lead generation service and how it can help one's tribute band succeed, please visit today.


For more information about, contact the company here:
David Victor
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11040 Bollinger Canyon Road Suite E-938, San Ramon, CA 94582


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