Professional Bail Bonds Agents Attended the 2022 Alabama Bail Bonds Association Gala

July 21, 2022 at 19:13

professional bail bondsman in Tuscaloosa, AL

Atmore, Ala. – This past weekend, recovery agents and professional bail bonds agents in Tuscaloosa and across the state gathered for a weekend of fun, food, and the opportunity to share and gain knowledge at the 2022 Alabama Bail Bonds Association Gala.

Hosted at the at the Wind Creek Casino & Hotel, the day started early with a Continuing Education certification class held at 8 am on Friday, July 15. While this class is mandatory for all licensed bail bond agents to maintain their accreditation, all the attendees were invited to stick around after to join in the festivities. Starting at 5pm, attendees were treated to an array of appetizers, an open bar, and a meet and greet with members and their families from all over the state of Alabama.

Also in attendance were several vendors offering pertinent information about the industry, including Roche Surety and Casualty, PT Armor, Inc., Locate Smarter Online, National Link, and Prosperous Internet Marketing Inc. Each vendor offered its own unique presentation booth, and some even offered a brief presentation to demonstrate how to grow and excel within the bail bonds industry.

The following evening, special guest Topo Padilla, the President of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States, gave a speech on the future of the professional bail bonds industry following a special buffet style dinner. The evening concluded with live entertainment and raffle prizes donated by the chairmen of the board of the Alabama Bail Bonds Association.

Since opening their business almost a decade ago, Alabama Bail Bonds has been an advocate for safe and fair bail bonding practices. Additionally, as members of the Board of the Association, they continually strive to provide the most comprehensive and professional bail bond service in the state. Alabama Bail Bonds is committed to respectfully assisting those who find themselves incarcerated, and their clients can rely on them for professional and capable handling of their case.

Alabama Bail Bonds specializes in first-time offenders and bail bonds for students but also offers misdemeanor and felony bail bond services. For all their services, the team at Alabama Bail Bonds offers complete client confidentiality 24/7 with no hidden fees. For more information about Alabama Bail Bonds or to obtain their services, give them a call at (205) 339-7109 or visit their website at


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