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February 22, 2023 at 15:58

Tempe, Arizona -

Poindexter Moving, a Tempe, Arizona based moving service, recently published a blog post that offers a number of tips to help customers find commercial movers they can trust in Phoenix and beyond. The information included in the blog post offers a great deal of insight on commercial movers and what factors contribute to the value of their services. As such, readers can prepare before their next move, ultimately making better decisions when moving.

Further, the company acknowledges that moving can be a stressful experience. With the help of a professional mover like Poindexter Moving, however, the process becomes far easier. The blog post provides tips on making moves a less stressful process as well.

Poindexter Moving

“We all know that renting a truck or trailer and doing all the moving tasks on your own is always cheaper, but if you’re moving an office, there are many factors you need to consider: stress, loss of office supplies, injuries, time for preparing and many more,” says the blog post. “Hiring a professional moving company will save you time and effort, and you can start your business as smoothly as possible after moving.”

According to Poindexter Moving’s blog, fall is the best time to move for families with no kids. Between September and November, people with children are less likely to move since it may interfere with their kids’ schooling. Since this means moving companies have fewer customers, they may be more willing to offer great deals, especially since it is the holiday season. Fall is also a good time to move if customers wish to avoid either hot summers and freezing winters. Spring is also a very convenient time since it is neither too hot nor too cold. During this time of year, it is easier to get good deals from homes and moving companies before the busy holiday season.

Full service moving services in Phoenix will generally take care of packing and unpacking, furniture and office equipment disassembly, loading and unloading, transportation of items, unpacking and disposal of packing materials. When left in the hands of an experienced professional mover, a customer’s belongings are safe. This is due to the movers’ extensive training (and their insurance coverage, which covers any damages that might occur during transportation or storage). It is, therefore, important to check if a moving company has insurance — and if they are registered with the state to work in this capacity.

The blog post also recommends being cautious about payments and hidden costs. Some moving companies are notorious for tacking on hidden costs to their services. It is important for the customer to ask about payment and hidden costs and ensure that they are fully aware of what is required of them in terms of payment. Poindexter Moving makes it a point to avoid hidden costs and make sure that all their charges are fully transparent from the beginning.

Poindexter Moving is considered one of the best moving companies in Arizona and currently holds an excellent rating over more than 100 reviews on their Google profile. One 5-Star review of the moving company states, “Moved in from out of state, and my realtor suggested that I reach out to Poindexter as many of her clients have used them and have been super happy. They were professional from the get-go. Guys showed up right on time and had the trucks unloaded and placed everything inside exactly where I wanted it. The team was super careful and respectful of my items. Hats off to Jordan, Ben and Rico for a job well done! Thank you very much. I highly recommend Poindexter Moving!”

Another review states, “Setting up the move was super easy; my quote was emailed to me well before the scheduled move. They have all the supplies you need for your move, including my favorite — the wardrobe boxes! The movers were prompt, professional and handled all my belongings with care. They were aware of timing and moved as quickly as they could. They cleaned up after themselves and were incredibly kind. I would recommend Pointdexter Moving to anyone looking for a stress free moving experience! 10/10.”

For more information on Poindexter Moving, visit the company's official Facebook page. Poindexter Moving can be reached via phone or email as well.


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