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April 26, 2023 at 17:10

Based in Osborne Park, WA, Australia, Perth Focus On Flooring is providing Perth homeowners with affordable, high-quality, reliable hardwood and other flooring. Wood floors are chosen by those who want a distinct look with an inexpensive, low-maintenance surface. The company also offers laminate flooring and bamboo flooring.

Lea Dewberry from Perth Focus On Flooring says “We guarantee that all of our hardwood floors are sustainably sourced and provide the highest quality natural wood for your home. We have the widest range of engineered flooring and a wide variety of woods to choose from, so you can find the perfect product for your needs.”

Their team of experts specializes in helping homeowners find the perfect solution for their home. They can help customers choose from a variety of flooring products, including synthetic and hardwood flooring alternatives. The company also offers expert installation techniques to ensure that the customer’s new floor is the perfect fit for their home.

Perth Focus On Flooring also wishes to point out that engineered hardwood floors have different characteristics. As such, it is crucial that customers be aware of these properties when making their final choices.

First, they are less sensitive to the humidity and temperature changes which are common in Western Australia. Second, they offer the bold and distinct characteristics of real wood. Third, hardwood floors can be regularly sanded and refinished to restore their original appearance. Fourth, they are made from sustainable and renewable wood. Fifth, they are DIY-friendly and can be installed and run right away. Learn more here: Laminate Flooring in Perth.

The floors are made of three layers of wood. The top layer is 100% real wood, treated with a UV acrylic layer or UV natural oil. They also have high-density multi-layer and cross cores, supported by a final thermoset bonding process that holds everything together. This manufacturing process ensures minimal expansion or contraction.

Hybrid Waterproof Flooring

Perth homeowners may also choose Perth Focus On Flooring if they desire laminate flooring. This option is the most wear-resistant type of flooring. Therefore, it is suitable for the surroundings of the house (or buildings with heavy traffic). Laminate floors are easy to install, making them ideal for DIY enthusiasts as well. Homeowners can follow the manufacturer's installation instructions, and this is usually done using a licensed, adhesive-free locking system, which is also available from Perth Focus On Flooring.

Those who have yet to find a suitable option may also wish to consider bamboo floors, which are the most popular natural flooring in Australian homes. Bamboo floors are made in a variety of ways, giving each floor a unique look. They can be installed as a direct system or floating floor in Perth. The most common type of bamboo floor mounting system is a glueless interlocking system that is woven with strong threads. It is generally known for its unique aesthetics, unmatched hardness and hard surface that resists scratches and stains.

Available in a smooth or hand-scraped textured finish, the company’s bamboo flooring is pre-treated and ready to use. It is an excellent choice for DIY flooring enthusiasts. Learn more here: Perth Timber Flooring.

The dedication of the Perth Focus On Flooring team is clearly reflected in the many positive reviews that they receive from their customers. In a 5-star rated review, Elizabeth L. says, “Great business to deal with ! The salesman was very friendly, supportive and answered all our questions about the timber flooring. We received very good service and a bargain price! Thank you, Perth Focus On Flooring. It was a pleasant experience.”

In yet another 5-star review, Whitmore S. states, “An all-round terrific experience with all the guys at Focus on Flooring, Large display boards to view products, very fair and competitive pricing-hybrid waterproof flooring store and bamboo flooring shop. Realistic and down-to-earth advice. Couldn't be happier. Thank you to Ozden, Gordon and Lea.”

Perth Focus On Flooring is an ethical company based in Western Australia, established as an importer and wholesaler of carpets and wood flooring. They deal directly with people, builders and traders. They specialize in carpets, bamboo flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, engineered wood flooring, LVT vinyl planks, wood flooring laminates and all accessories related to acoustic flooring, scotch, tiles, door trim and beaded flooring.

When looking for different types of flooring, Perth homeowners can check out the Perth Focus On Flooring website or contact the team by phone or email.


For more information about Perth Focus On Flooring, contact the company here:

Perth Focus On Flooring
Lea Dewberry
08 9443 1233
Perth Focus On Flooring
38 Hutton St.
Osborne Park WA 6017


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