Patient is Grateful for Muse Treatment for Allowing “You to Be Your Own Person and Recover at Your Pace”

July 17, 2023 at 16:07

Los Angeles, California -

Los, Angeles, California—The respect and understanding of the individual addiction experience inspired a client of Muse Treatment Center to post a 5-star review of the substance abuse program.

I love it here,” wrote Jimeka, the client. “The staff is very nice and the meetings are awesome. The house is very clean, and the best part is they don’t put pressure on your recovery. They allow you to be your own person and recover at your pace.”

Muse Treatment Alcohol & Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Providing a highly personal, customized treatment experience is one of the keys to success at Muse Treatment Center, a network of addiction centers located throughout Southern California. Jimeka attended its facility in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, but all Muse locations offer the same client-focused approach to treatment.

Muse offers treatment for a broad assortment of substance use issues, from alcoholism to heroin and opioids, which may be accompanied by underlying emotional and physical disorders like sexual abuse or other traumas. Along with traditional group and individual therapy, tools and strategies include the neural recovery program, which uses neurofeedback and advanced cognitive training to help individuals recover lost aspects of emotional and cognitive regulation.

People who struggle with substance abuse and chemical dependency often have other underlying psychological disorders that can go unidentified and, therefore, untreated; this is called dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Frequently, substance abuse is a coping mechanism used by individuals to treat their undiagnosed underlying mental health disorders. Muse treats several of these co-occurring disorders and their accompanying addiction, such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizoaffective disorder, anxiety, depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and sleep disorders.

To win the struggle against these conditions, Muse provides the full range of addiction therapy, guiding each client on a journey that begins with medically assisted detox and continues to inpatient and outpatient therapy. Muse also provides extensive aftercare service, knowing that the period after treatment presents a grave risk of relapse. Many addicts return to the same stressors that led them into addiction and have no one to support them – so Muse makes sure its graduates do have someone who knows what they’re going through and can help them use the strategies they learned in treatment. The aftercare program is available as long as the Muse graduate needs it.

After admission to Muse, the client undergoes a medical and psychiatric assessment to thoroughly understand their case. Then, an individualized treatment plan is created, and the client begins treatment experience with the preparatory phase known as detox. Clients are closely supervised during this process, which uses medical and holistic -healing strategies to relieve the often-uncomfortable effects of withdrawal.

During treatment, clients discover and explore the root causes of their addiction and get help in making better choices at therapy groups, including anger management, life skills, addiction awareness, reflective listening, communication skills, stress reduction and relapse prevention. Besides traditional techniques, these community groups also use creative approaches like cinema and art therapy. The groups are all led by experts who specialize in using the process to begin the healing process.

Muse’s residential treatment also includes luxurious, structured, sober-living homes for men and women. The facilities offer a wide array of amenities and structures to promote the lifestyle of recovery in a warm, family-like environment. Rooms are shared to encourage a sense of community and accountability. The program includes progress reports, weekly house meetings, random drug testing by urinalysis, 12 Step integration and much more. It’s just one of the ways Muse provides treatment solutions in a safe and upscale environment allowing for growth, change and recovery.

Anyone seeking comprehensive substance use disorder care that respects the unique needs of each individual can start by visiting Muse Treatment or calling 866-634-6111.


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