Old World Brick Paving Offers Brick Paver Driveway Installation or Repair in Wilmette Illinois

November 02, 2022 at 19:51

Old World Brick Paving, a company based in River Grove, IL, is offering brick paver driveway installation or repair services in Wilmette, IL, and neighboring areas. Brick pavers have an attractive and classic appearance and they have the additional advantages of being recyclable, durable, and easy to repair. Because of their classic and attractive look, they tend to add to the home’s curb appeal and its market value. Furthermore, brick pavers can work well with practically any kind of home style.

Frank Calistro, owner of Old World Brick Paving, says, “The driveway receives a lot of traffic and is one of the spaces that people see first when they visit you. For this reason, your driveway should not only be attractive, it should also be strong and durable to handle the heavy traffic. Trust our services to deliver a durable driveway paver that works well with your house design. We only use the best materials in the market to make sure that you do not have to pay for paver repair services any time soon.”

Old World Brick Paving has a team of skilled and experienced paver intallers and homeowners and other property owners can rest assured that any paver driveway they will install is long-lasting and is of high quality. They will use 100 percent Virgin Limestone base material and they typically put a thicker base compared to other contractors to extend the lifespan of the driveway. For homeowners and property owners who are concerned about water damage, they can install permeable pavers, which will allow the water to reach the soil under the pavers without causing damage to the surface of the brick pavers.

Aside from brick paver driveway installation, they can also install a brick paver patio, which can be used for entertaining outdoors. Their hardscape design team can also provide assistance to homeowners in developing a patio design for their home and yard, and they can visualize what the patio will look like using computer 3D/2D graphics. They offer digital design services to ensure that clients are given the chance to choose the best possible design for their specific home and yard. The computer graphics they provide make it easy for clients to see what the finished patio would look like and its effect on the overall home design.

These outdoor patios are usually considered to be an extension of the indoor living space. This paved patio area is frequently used for socializing purposes, which is why they often have a grill or fire pit included. An outdoor dining set will allow more frequent use of the patio for eating outdoors and other activities. Homeowners can choose whether they want their brick paver patio to be covered. Adding an awning, arbor, pergola, or trellis can provide some shade, making the patio more conducive for those who love the great outdoors.

And they also offer paver cleaning services to help get rid of those stubborn stains. Their clean and seal experts will visit the home and clean the driveway paver of patio paver using high-quality cleaning products and high-grade equipment. And their brick paver repair team can take care of any damaged pavers.

Founded in 1993, Old World Brick Paving is a family-owned contractor serving the paver brick installation and repair needs of the Greater Chicago areas. They are one of the most experienced hardscape contractors around Chicagoland and have completed several notable projects, ranging from the big commercial application to the smaller paver brick patios. Some of their key projects completed were the pavers for the entrance way, driveway, patio, and cart pathways for the Oak Park Country Club; the pedestrian platform and walkway areas fo the Metra Train Station; and the brick pavers parking lot/ vehicular area of the Midway Airport.

When in need for the installation or repair of a brick paver driveway Wilmette homeowners can check out the Old World Brick Paving website or contact them through the telephone or via email.


For more information about Old World Brick Paving, contact the company here:

Old World Brick Paving
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Old World Brick Paving
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