Oakland County License Restoration Lawyer Paul J. Tafelski Discusses The Difference Between Suspension and Revocation of License

July 12, 2022 at 15:37

Oakland County license restoration lawyer Paul J. Tafelski releases a new article (https://www.michigandefenselaw.com/license-restoration-lawyer/) on his website that explains the difference between suspension and revocation of license in Michigan. The lawyer mentions that having revoked or suspended in Michigan can be challenging because almost everyone needs a car to navigate the streets of Michigan Cities.

“While you may be lucky enough to be able to rely on friends and other family members to get you where you need to go, this is inconvenient and frustrating for everyone. It also interferes with your ability to make a living, go to school, or just go about your daily life,” says the Oakland County license restoration lawyer.

Oakland County license restoration lawyer

The lawyer mentions that there are several ways that someone could lose their Michigan license. Michigan uses a traffic points system. A Michigan indictee may have their license suspended, or even removed. Depending on the severity, each traffic offense may accumulate points.

Attorney Paul J. Tafelski explains that suspension is not the same as revocation and the restoration processes are different. License suspension is when a person can't drive for a specified period. The suspension can be indefinite or definite.

“On the other hand, a revocation of your license means that you have had your license taken away from you. If you have been revoked there is no amount of time you can wait before being granted a license automatically,” says the license restoration lawyer. “And, there is no state you can move to and get a license until the revocation is cleared from your record in Michigan.”

Attorney Tafelski also states that anyone who accumulates 12 points over a two-year period can be subject to a state reexamination. The reexamination could include driving tests, eye exams, and a review of driving records. Depending on how the tests turn out, a person could be subject to suspension.

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled license restoration lawyer when it comes to matters like license restoration. Having an experienced lawyer may be able to help the client ensure they receive a favorable outcome for their case.

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