Northwest Canton / Jackson Township OH Podiatry Practice Has New Saorsa Swift Wart Removal Machine for Wart Treatment

July 06, 2023 at 15:59

Stark County Foot & Ankle Clinic, a podiatry clinic in Northwest Canton/ Jackson Township, OH, has announced that they have recently acquired a new Saorsa Swift microwave therapy machine that they will use for treatment of warts. The clinic offers foot and ankle care to patients of all ages. Plantar warts, just like other warts, are caused by the human papillomavirus except that they are located on the soles of the feet. Thus, they cause pain and discomfort whenever pressure is exerted on them while the patient is walking, running, or doing other activities where pressure is exerted on the warts.

The Swift microwave machine produces microwaves that are directed towards the plantar warts, which then increase in temperature rapidly. This rise in temperature activates the natural immune response of the body and will work to eliminate the warts. While plantar warts are not considered to be a major health issue, they can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, which is why those who suffer from these warts will usually want to have them removed.

The Saorsa Swift microwave therapy machine provides a quick and easy way to remove the warts with minimal pain and discomfort. Each treatment session with the Swift machine will only last for five to 10 minutes, compared to the hour long session using other methods. Only three to four treatment sessions are needed to complete the Swift plantar warts treatment protocol. These sessions are spaced four weeks apart to make sure that the treatment is aligned with the natural immune cycle of the body. Furthermore, there is only a slight pain and discomfort, which is only felt while the microwave energy is being directed at the affected tissue. It will only take a few seconds to direct microwaves at each wart. The pain was likened to a scratch or the snap of a rubber band by most patients.

In addition, the Swift microwave therapy machine is considered to be safe because it has been approved by the FDA for use in this country. Furthermore, only a small dosage of microwave energy is used. Some patients will need to be careful, however, and are advised to consult their physician first before getting treated with the Swift microwave machine. These include patients who: are pregnant or breastfeeding; are suffering from poor circulation; are wearing a pacemaker; have metal plates or pins in their feet; or are immunosuppressed.

It is also important to note that microwaves have been in use in medicine, particularly in microwave thermotherapy for the treatment of cancer and other diseases since the early 1980s. The Swift microwave machine is also equipped with an applicator, which is shaped like a wand or pen. This allows the clinician to easily and accurately direct the microwave energy towards the affected tissue, which means healthy tissue is not exposed to the microwaves. In addition, the applicator has a disposable tip that has to be replaced with a new one for every session. In the event that the disposable tip is not replaced, the Swift machine is equipped with a sensor that prevents the machine from operating until a new tip has been attached. This ensures that cross-contamination is prevented because warts are very contagious.

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