North East Einstein's Daycare And Preschool Now Accepting New Students

July 31, 2023 at 16:35

North East, Maryland based North East Einstein's Daycare & Preschool is pleased to announce they are now accepting new enrollments following their grand opening. The education center is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, and thrive.

Amanda Davis, a representative for the daycare and preschool, says, “All parents want the best for their children in all regards, and when it comes to the matter of education, it goes without saying that we all want our children to have the best possible start in life. At our daycare center, we want to provide a balanced approach to education. We strive to create a safe, home-like atmosphere while still maintaining an emphasis on learning so that they have a headstart in education. We believe in making children our top priority by offering an educational environment that incorporates learning through play. Now, we are ready to provide that same level of high-quality education to more children in our community.”

While North East Einstein's Daycare & Preschool has been operating for some time, the recent grand opening now means they are ready to accept new enrollments across their various programs. North East Einstein's offers three distinct school programs: the infant program, toddler program, and preschool program. In addition to these three, the daycare center also offers a Before & After school care program and a Summer Camp.

The educators and caretakers at North East Einstein’s believe that education is more than just learning, which is why the center places equal emphasis on nurturing as well. The faculty and staff are trained to balance the day's educational aspects with nurturing care to create an environment where children can grow and develop in all areas. They also work with the parents and aim to create meaningful parent/teacher relationships with open communication and constant contact so that they can ensure the best outcome for children.

The daycare center also greatly emphasizes ensuring that children feel safe and secure while in their care. Young children need safety, stability, and an environment that is conducive to learning where they can thrive. The North East Einstein’s team is dedicated to ensuring that all children are given the opportunity to flourish. The teachers embrace the intelligence of each child and offer an elite curriculum that can get children as young as six weeks of age to start down a fun journey of education. The team understands that every child is unique, and they take the time to recognize each child’s physical, emotional, and educational needs in order to create individual success within the program.

North East Einstein’s Daycare & Preschool has already earned itself glowing praise from overjoyed parents from the community. In particular, they commend the daycare center’s commitment and methodology. In one review, Timothy C. writes, “My son has spent a few months at North East Einstein’s, and he loved his time there! He showed so much growth in his Pre-K year, and I am fully confident this daycare prepared him for Kindergarten. North East Einstein’s offers a ton of enrichment through their program. My son worked on fun crafts, and the learning was top notch! My son is ready to read, knows all his letter sounds, and their handwriting curriculum is great.”

Parents interested in enrolling their children in North East Einstein's Daycare & Preschool and wanting to learn more about it should visit North East Einstein's website. Amanda Davis encourages parents to get in touch with her directly via email or phone for any questions or concerns. North East Einstein's also maintains a presence on social media, and interested parties may find the preschool and daycare on Facebook.


For more information about North East Einstein's Daycare & Preschool, contact the company here:

North East Einstein's Daycare & Preschool
Amanda Davis
(410) 287-5451
468 Razor Strap Rd
North East, MD 21901


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