New York City Family Law Attorney Martin Mohr Discusses What Newly Divorced People Should Expect in the New Year

August 04, 2022 at 16:21

New York City family law attorney Martin Mohr releases a new article ( on what people who have just concluded a divorce should expect in the new year. Attorney Mohr lists some scenarios divorcing couples could encounter once the proceedings have concluded. The attorney relates that, as a divorce can be a major life event, it’s common to encounter challenges adapting to the change it brings to an individual’s life.

Attorney Mohr explains that managing expectations on what a divorce entails can help a person move on more quickly once it’s concluded. The lawyer also offers some scenarios that may arise after a divorce and what can be done to overcome these situations. Attorney Mohr also takes care to give both the perspective of someone who initiated the divorce and the spouse who was left.

New York City family law attorney

According to the New York City family law attorney, “Turn your feeling of disadvantage to your advantage. Take this time to focus on yourself, let yourself grieve the loss of your marriage, and begin making plans for your new life. Visualize and focus on your future, and express gratitude for the new opportunities that await. By shifting your mindset, you can find a path forward in the new year.”

In the article, attorney Mohr also shares that couples in a divorce could expect to encounter some financial challenges as the couple’s assets and liabilities come to light. In the process of a divorce, discussions of the division of property and child support can be points of contention that make the emotional toil of a divorce worse.

Attorney Mohr emphasizes changes after a divorce are inevitable. ”After the divorce, your standard of living and social network may be affected. If you had a connection with your ex-spouse, it might be hard to imagine that they may no longer be there for you,” according to the divorce attorney.

The attorney offers some advice on how a person may be able to move on from a divorce. Acknowledging one’s emotions and taking the time to heal after a divorce is important. It’s also essential to look after one’s emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. In addition, maintaining a stable routine and exploring one’s interests can help them return to a sense of normalcy after such a big change in their life.

Lastly, attorney Mohr recognizes that facing a life-changing event like a divorce can be daunting even without taking into account the legal aspect of divorce proceedings. The attorney advises seeking the help of an experienced New York City divorce lawyer to lighten the load of dealing with a divorce.

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