New York City Car Accident Attorney Samantha Kucher Explains Yielding the Right-of-Way in New York

July 13, 2022 at 16:38

New York City car accident attorney releases a new article ( explaining the meaning of yielding the right-of-way. The lawyer mentions traffic laws are designed to keep those sharing the roadways safe. In New York, there is a dense population of pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists on the streets. Traffic laws have been developed so that each party shares all the responsibilities in case of an accident.

“According to traffic law, right-of-way means the right to proceed. When two vehicles or parties come to or occupy the same area or intersection simultaneously, one of these parties will lawfully have the right-of-way. All states have laws that detail circumstances when a driver, cyclist, or pedestrian has the right-of-way or must grant the right-of-way to another party,” says the New York City car accident attorney.

New York City car accident attorney

The lawyer explains that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that failure to yield accidents was the fourth leading cause of fatal crashes in the United States in 2018. Failure to yield right-of-way also accounts for the rising number of pedestrian and cyclist deaths in New York City.

Attorney Samantha Kucher says that there are New York has specific right-of-way laws and state legislators have implemented stricter laws and penalties so that everyone understands their rights and responsibilities while on the road. However, right-of-way violations in New York City are still very rampant.

The lawyer adds that failure to yield situations often occur at intersections in the article. These situations can also include failure to obey signals and signs, failure to yield when there is no signal or sign, left-hand turn at an intersection, T-intersection right of way, and four-way stops.

According to the accident attorney, “Pedestrians are also responsible for their own actions on our streets in New York City. While drivers of vehicles have the bulk of the responsibility for yielding the right-of-way, pedestrians who do not follow their own rules can be held accountable if an accident results.”

Lastly, the lawyer also emphasizes the importance of understanding your rights in claiming compensation for car accident injuries. An experienced lawyer may be able to help victims navigate the legal system.

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