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February 10, 2023 at 22:41

Boca Raton, Florida -

Boca Raton, FL based Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR) has shared new materials that can help those struggling with mental health conditions or substances to find professional help and other resources. Given that it is common for those dealing with substance abuse to suffer from mental health conditions as well (and vice versa), the first of the organization’s articles explore the benefits of utilizing inpatient facilities for mental health treatment.

While the stigma around mental illness is gradually diminishing, it is unfortunately fairly common for people to take less care of their mental health. This is especially of concern in severe cases as it is quite difficult for an individual to get better on their own. On this note, FAR wishes to emphasize that people in this situation are not alone, and there are many resources available that can help them. Deciding to reach out can often be an important first step.

A man gets help at mental health rehab found with the help of Find Addiction Rehabs

Find Addiction Rehabs states in their article, “For those who are struggling with a severe mental illness, seeking out intensive therapy and treatment will be their best chance at overcoming this disorder and regaining the ability to live their best life possible. Mental health rehab programs can offer this level of treatment, as they are specifically built around providing an engaging and thorough recovery environment for their clients. The most extensive mental health care will be provided through inpatient facilities. These will typically offer a wide scope of services that are designed to provide a whole-health approach to treatment. This may include both evidence-based treatment services and those that are most holistic in their recovery approach.”

Mental health rehab programs are recommended for those who believe they need a great deal of specialized support for their mental health issues. FAR goes on to say that certain individuals should also strongly consider this avenue if any of the following are true: if they engage in behaviors of self-harm (either through physical injury or substance abuse), if they are experiencing suicidal thoughts or ideation, did not respond to outpatient or other short-term treatment programs, are not able to look after themselves due to their mental illness and so on. A more comprehensive series of details can be found in the full article.

On the other hand, those dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction may benefit from taking a more spiritual approach during their recovery. To this end, they encourage interested parties to look into Christ centered addiction treatment programs, helping them turn to faith as a source of strength. Their article on the subject states, “Consider one study that looked at drug abuse, specifically opioid dependence. Researchers took a careful look at the spiritual beliefs of those who relapsed compared to those who did not. They found that participants who had a lower score of spiritual well-being had a greater likelihood of relapse compared to participants who had tapped into their faith.”

It continues, “This proves that it can be extremely beneficial to look for drug rehab centers that show you how to harness the power of your spiritual practices. Christian rehabs can help you to take the first steps away from substances and contribute to your long-term well-being.” The full article covers many other potential benefits, from an improved sense of fellowship to the ability to replace negative behaviors with positive spirituality and so on.

Find Addiction Rehabs acknowledges that it can seem incredibly difficult for a person to find the right addiction treatment program, particularly one that aligns with their values and personal needs. However, this is exactly why the organization exists — the team talks to everyone who reaches out to determine what would best suit their needs. Following this, they will share a list of options that meet these requirements. As such, anyone who thinks they will face an uphill battle looking for a Christian rehabilitation center need only turn to FAR to see how close help truly is.

Similarly, the organization recognizes that many people will have concerns about paying for their treatment. Rehab can take a great deal of investment, but there are certain options that can help here as well. For instance, FAR says many have already begun using Allegiance Insurance for addiction treatment, and their team can help people locate rehabs that take Allegiance Insurance (among others).

All anyone has to do to seek help is call Find Addiction Rehabs today. The organization operates a 24/7 hotline for this express purpose, with same day placement possible at top facilities nationwide. They can also be reached via email and social media.


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