New Blog by Skin Care Clinic in Idaho Falls Discusses Non-Surgical Ultherapy Skin Tightening Treatments

February 02, 2023 at 17:15

The Center for Aesthetics Idaho Falls has a self-proclaimed mission to help its Idaho patients ‘soften the rough edges’ on their bodies that have accumulated over time using non-surgical means. But what this aesthetics clinic does goes well beyond just the advanced non-surgical beautification treatments it offers. Something that includes educating its clients on its newest forms of treatment. A good example of which is a recent blog the Center for Aesthetics Idaho Falls posted to its website. An article that describes its non-surgical, skin tightening, Ultherapy treatments in more detail. The Center for Aesthetics founder Catherine Durboraw, MD, says, “One thing that I dedicated myself to when I first opened my aesthetics clinic was to always seek out and implement the latest and best non-surgical treatments for my patients. I believe that our advanced skin-tightening, Ultherapy treatments are real proof of that. It’s something that will become much clearer to our community as they read our new blog, which discusses this amazing anti-aging treatment in more detail.”

The latest Center for Aesthetics Idaho Falls blog is titled ‘Yes, Ultherapy in Idaho Falls! A Powerful Non-Surgical Lift for Jowls, Double Chins & More’. It goes on to detail how “Ultherapy is THE Game Changer” and citing Dr. Durboraw as a nationally recognized innovator in, and national lecturer on, the Ultherapy technique that they use to treat their patients' double chins and sagging jowls. It also described the treatment as an anti-aging technique that may improve skin laxity and elasticity. This newly posted blog further described


The readers will happily learn some refer to this advanced treatment as a non-invasive facelift as Ultherapy is “An FDA-approved, non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses focused ultrasound energy in an attempt to lift and tighten skin on the face and neck areas. And that at the CFA clinic, this treatment is only performed by trained healthcare providers. This new Center for Aesthetics blog shares in greater detail how Ultherapy works, what patients can expect from their Ultherapy treatments, how long Ultherapy results last, what are the benefits of non-surgical Ultherapy, and even more treatment-related information. This blog can be read in its entirety on the Center for Aesthetics Idaho Falls website.

Other treatments that this aesthetic medicine practice offers include laser hair removal, Botox & Dysport, dermal fillers, Tixel Skin Resurfacing, and more. It also boasts having a large inventory of all-natural skin care products. Those that have sought Ultherapy and other non-surgical treatments from this reputable aesthetics center often leave glowing reviews about that experience. Lisa S. stated, “I have been a client of Center for Aesthetics for at least 15 years. All their staff are fabulous! I am treated like royalty and pampered each time I come in. The staff focuses on doing what I want with a natural and not artificial look! They also make great suggestions of what I can do to improve and treat my appearance in the best way. I have also used products from there and I am sure this is one of the other reasons I have beautiful skin. All the staff members are highly medically trained, and I would not trust any other facility in or out of town! Go there! You will be so happy with the results!”

Laura S proclaimed, “The Best! Absolutely hands down the best place to go in Idaho Falls for aesthetics!! I was blown away by the professionalism of this office and all the new technologies they offer. They do such an amazing job and are truly artists in their field. Such a beautiful office and the staff makes you feel like their number one priority too!” Those that wish to know more about the Ultherapy in Idaho Falls treatments this highly rated aesthetics center offers or any of its other advanced, non-surgical treatments can contact them by phone at 208.529.8232, email them, or by using the messaging form that’s found on its website.


For more information about The Center for Aesthetics Idaho Falls, contact the company here:

The Center for Aesthetics Idaho Falls
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The Center for Aesthetics
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