Naples Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight Discusses Child Custody in Florida

December 08, 2022 at 17:19

Naples divorce lawyer Russell Knight ( releases a new article explaining child custody in Naples, Florida. The lawyer mentions that the Natural Guardians statute in Florida governs what people think of as custody. Married couples have joint custody according to the statute. If one parent dies, the surviving parent will remain the sole guardian even if they remarry.

According to the Naples divorce lawyer, “If the parents aren’t married, then the mother has custody until further order of the court. Child custody can be determined by Florida courts for children who live in Florida at the time of the filing of whatever action was filed to determine custody. Or, if the child is no longer in Florida, a Florida court can still determine the custody of that child if the child’s home state was Florida within the last 6 months.”

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The lawyer mentions that while the term custody is still used in Florida, the divorce law in Florida has completely eliminated the word custody from its statutes. In the USA, this has been a common trend in order to remove the taboo of having or losing custody away from the parents and better serve the interests of the child.

Attorney Russell Knight also adds that if the parent disagrees with the “parenting plan”, the matter will be resolved by the courts. Courts usually use the same parenting plan whether the parents of the child were married or not.

In the article, attorney Knight says that if a parent abuses or abandons a child, the state, a relative, or even a friend or acquaintance can bring an action to terminate the parental rights, and custody, and place the child in foster care or adoption proceedings. However, before this is allowed, very strict requirements must be met.

According to the Florida divorce lawyer, “Custody in Florida can obviously mean many things from total control of the child’s life to having significant parenting time. It’s not as simple as asking a judge, “Please give me custody.” A specific parenting schedule and listing of parenting responsibilities is necessary that goes far beyond filling out a form and checking boxes.”

Lastly, attorney Knight emphasizes the importance of having a competent lawyer who can explain the complicated nature of Florida's child support laws. A skilled lawyer may be able to help clients understand their rights when it comes to child maintenance.

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