Moreira's Service Dumpster Rental Provides Affordable Dumpster Rental in Riverdale GA

September 28, 2021 at 16:05

Moreira's Service Dumpster Rental, a company based in Peachtree City, GA, is pleased to announce that they are offering affordable dumpster rental in Riverdale GA and neighboring areas. They can offer a guaranteed method of making sure that all of the waste, trash and junk are appropriately disposed of in an economical and professional way. They offer cost-effective waste management services to homeowners, companies, and contractors in the Riverdale area and surrounding areas.

They offer different sizes of roll off dumpsters, such as the: 10 yard dumpsters, 15 yard dumpsters 20 yard dumpsters, 25 yard dumpsters, 30 yard dumpsters, and 40 yard dumpsters. These dumpsters can be utilized for transporting various kinds of remodeling materials, such as plaster and drywall, carpet, wood, cabinetry and countertops, and flooring to the landfill. It should be noted that disposal of mattresses and/or tires will have an additional charge.

Dumpster Rental Riverdale GA - Moreira

Fabian Moreira from Moreira's Service Dumpster Rental says, “If you are shopping for a professional and reputable dumpster rental service in Riverdale, GA. Moreira’s Service will give you value for your money. We provide affordable waste management services to companies, homeowners and contractors in the Riverdale area and in all the nearby environs. Call us to rent a dumpster in Riverdale today.”

The 10 yard dumpster measures 8 feet by 11 feet by 4 feet and has a capacity of up to 4 times that of a pickup truck load. It is suitable for small-scale projects, including: outdoor yard cleaning projects; small home renovation projects; room decluttering and cleanout projects; and small home remodeling projects.

The 15 yard dumpster measures 8 feet by 16 feet by 4 feet and can hold an equivalent of 6 times that of a pickup truck load. It can be used for relatively small projects, including: removal of waste and junk from the yard waste; repair of a sidewalk or driveway; the cleaning out of a large room, such as a garage, bedroom, basement, or attic; and various home renovation projects, including the remodeling of a laundry room, installation of kitchen cabinets, and removal of flooring, walls, and carpet.

The 20 yard dumpster measures 8 feet by 21 feet by 4 feet and can contain approximately 8 times that of a pickup truck load. This is frequently utilized for home remodeling and construction projects, including kitchen remodeling, yard cleanups, the renovation of the master bedroom, basement or attic clean outs, garage clean outs, and other similar projects.

The 25 yard dumpster measures 8 feet by 16 feet by 6 feet and can hold up to about 12 times that of a pickup truck load. This is frequently used for commercial roof tear offs, commercial clean outs, major additions, new construction, and large amount of garbage or trash.

The 30 yard dumpster measures 8 feet by 21 feet by 7 feet and has a capacity that is about 12 times that of a pickup truck load. It is appropriate for remodeling projects, such as construction of a home addition, basement remodeling, a large kitchen renovation, and demolition projects. It may also be appropriate for large clean outs, such as clearing out a garage, decluttering a home before a move, or decluttering an entire house. It may also be applied for outdoor projects, such as clean up of a large-scale lawn, tree removal projects, and getting rid of shrubs and brushes.

The 40 yard dumpster measures 8 feet by 22 feet by 7 feet and can hold up to 16 times that of regular pickup truck loads. This dumpster size is frequently used for remodeling and construction projects, such as home flipping, building a home addition, teardown of garage, and renovation of a large kitchen or while floor; and cleanouts, such as decluttering of basements, attics, and garages, clean out of a whole home, and removal materials from a hoarding situation.

Those interested in learning more about the dumpster rental services in Riverdale GA can check out the Moreira's Service Dumpster Rental website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.


For more information about Moreira's Service Dumpster Rental, contact the company here:

Moreira's Service Dumpster Rental
Fabian Moreira
(678) 330-0522
527 Longwood Ln, Peachtree City, GA 30269


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