Michigan DUI Lawyer Paul J. Tafelski Explains the Consequences of License Suspension

January 05, 2023 at 17:20

Michigan DUI lawyer Paul J. Tafelski (https://www.michigandefenselaw.com/dmv-hearing.html) releases a new article explaining the consequences of license suspension in Michigan. The lawyer says that there are severe consequences for driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances in the state. Operating while intoxicated and operating while visibly impaired are both offenses that are related too the consumption of liquor and other controlled substances that affect a person’s ability to drive.

According to the Michigan DUI lawyer, “The state of Michigan will add points to your driving record for every traffic violation you are found guilty of. The severity of an offense will determine the number of points that you get for a traffic violation. The Michigan Vehicle Code determines the points. In most cases, two points will be awarded for minor offenses, while six points will be given for serious offenses. These points will accumulate in the person’s driving record for two years from the date of conviction.”

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The lawyer mentions that each time an individual is found guilty of traffic violations in Michigan or please guilty to them, one or more points will be added to their driving record. Traffic violations have their point values and are determined by the Michigan Vehicle Code. Minor offenses are usually given two points, and six points are given to serious offenses.

Attorney Paul J. Tafelski adds that it is important to not accumulate points in order not to face the negative consequences they bring. Many people who are facing OWI or OWVI tend to focus on the possibility of fines and jail time rather than a license suspension. However, if an individual is employed, a license suspension may prevent them from going to work. In some areas in Oakland and Macomb counties, it can also be a bit difficult to get groceries without a car.

In the article, the lawyer says, “Fortunately, there is a remedy for license suspension in Michigan. It’s called a driver’s license hearing request by the Michigan Secretary of State. Informally, it’s known as a “DMV hearing.” It consists of presenting a case to the appropriate state authorities for why you should get your license back.”

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled DWI lawyer when facing a DWI or DUI charge. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the defendant understand their rights and protect their freedom.

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