Manhattan Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer Ryan Besinque Explains How Prenuptial Agreements Work

October 11, 2022 at 15:59

Manhattan prenuptial agreements lawyer Ryan Besinque ( releases a new article explaining how prenuptial agreements work in New York. The lawyer mentions that many couples nowadays are choosing to create a prenuptial agreement prior to marrying. Some individuals want to bring their assets into the marriage while also wanting to protect their separate assets.

“For others, this is not the first marriage and they not only bring assets from a former marriage but also children from that relationship. And some couples want to set proper expectations regarding financial support before it potentially becomes a contentious issue during a divorce,” the Manhattan prenuptial agreements lawyer.

Manhattan prenuptial agreements lawyer

The lawyer explains that prenuptial agreements are not only for those who are wealthy. A prenup may also be an important tool for a couple who wants to make sure that certain financial rights and obligations are specified prior to marriage. This agreement is a legal contract that sets out the rights and obligations of both parties in case they decide to end their marriage at some point.

Attorney Ryan Besinque adds that a prenup may not be very romantic, but it can be very helpful in the case of a divorce. A proactive prenuptial agreement in place will be a good way to make sure that the financial expectations and responsibilities are set before getting married.

In the article, attorney Besinque says, “A prenup agreement can provide protections for numerous financial situations and can clearly define asset distribution in the event of a divorce, disability, or death. Consequently, it can be very beneficial for limiting the risks of either partner before they become litigious or contentious, while both spouses are thinking clearly and proactively.”

Lastly, attorney Besinque emphasizes that it’s very important to seek the help of an experienced prenuptial agreements attorney in matters related to creating a prenup or enforcing it. Having a skilled attorney may be able to help when it comes to creating agreements and help the clients when it comes to understand their rights and responsibilities in the agreement.

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