Manhattan Divorce Attorney Ryan Besinque Explains Whether it is Possible to Open a Spouse’s Mail During Divorce

January 06, 2023 at 17:49

Manhattan divorce attorney Ryan Besinque ( releases a new article explaining the possibility of opening a spouse’s mail during a divorce. The lawyer mentions that divorce is usually a highly-charged and emotional situation. Cooperation between spouses is usually tenuous when they are going through a divorce.

“Perhaps you have an inkling or a suspicion that your spouse has been doing something unsavory. The temptation to investigate your spouse’s mail or email to look for evidence of such wrongdoing can be strong and you may have a distinct impression that the information you get can be used in your favor during the divorce proceedings,” the Manhattan divorce attorney says.

Manhattan divorce attorney

The article from the divorce lawyer points out that it is always important to remember that both spouses have equal legal rights that need to be respected during a divorce. Invasive actions such as tampering with a spouse’s mail or logging into their account without their knowledge can have serious consequences.

Attorney Ryan Besinque adds that opening a spouse’s mail can result in jail time. Opening someone else’s mail is considered punishable by federal law. Prying into someone else’s business is punishable with a fine or up to a five-year prison sentence. Without the other spouse’s explicit consent, one should not open communication tools such as mail.

In the article, attorney Besinque adds, “Obtaining the legal documents for you to gain the information you desire may take some time and you might be tempted to take matters into your own hands. While you may be operating in the interest of protecting your and your children’s best interests, it is still beneficial to look toward the bigger picture and avoid any actions that may put the possibility of a better, friendlier outcome at risk.”

Lastly, attorney Besinque says that if someone is considering divorce in New York, it is important to seek the help of an experienced divorce lawyer. Having a skilled lawyer may be able to help potential clients understand their rights and responsibilities in a divorce case.

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