Manhattan Divorce Attorney Juan Luciano Explains How to End a Marriage Peacefully

December 07, 2022 at 17:00

Manhattan divorce attorney Juan Luciano ( releases a new article explaining how to end a marriage peacefully. The lawyer mentions that there may be stories about “friendly” divorces, but they are very rare. A divorce is never easy but when it is properly navigated, there is a possibility for the marriage to end peacefully.

“Emotional pain is the reality of divorce. If you expect otherwise, you are setting yourself up for self-judgment and disappointment. There is a sense of loss, just like losing any other loved one. Except this person is not gone from the world. He or she is still there, sometimes infuriating you at your core. In some senses, dealing with the loss of someone who is still there is more difficult than dealing with the loss of someone you will never see again,” says the Manhattan divorce attorney.

Manhattan divorce attorney

The lawyer adds that getting a divorce can be traumatic. There can be feelings of rejection, anger, and resentment involved as well as a loss of trust. Accepting all these emotions can take a lot of work and it is understandable for a person not to get over them right away. However, it is also important to not dwell on them so much and focus on the future instead.

Attorney Juan Luciano explains that getting a divorce requires a person to look at the dissolution of their marriage through a business lens. There are assets to be divided, children to care for, and in some cases, spousal support to negotiate. The lawyer says that it is important for a person to be level-headed during these times and to know the legal rights they have.

“When a couple has children, the court’s primary objective is the best interests of the children,” the lawyer says in the article. “Never talk badly to your children about your partner. The courts will make many decisions based on how well you can navigate co-parenting and dealing with each other without drawing the children into it. It will help if you, as a couple, take that approach from day one.”

Lastly, the Manhattan lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled divorce lawyer when it comes to matters like child support and custody. Having an experienced lawyer may be able to help the client explore their options and make the best decision that will benefit the family.

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