Mandich Property Group Offers Advice on Selling a Home to Cash Buyer

September 27, 2022 at 15:19

Marietta, Georgia -

Company that buys houses with cash in AtlantaMandich Property Group - we buy houses, a real estate company based in Marietta, GA, has released a blog post that provides advice to homeowners who want to sell their property to a cash buyer. This is a follow up to a previous article that discussed who usually buys a house for cash and these are real estate investors, who are either individuals or companies. There may be cash buyers who are not investors and are willing to buy the property for a higher price but these are rare. The new article offers some ideas on how to find a cash buyer in one’s area.

According to the blog post, investors usually try to find motivated home sellers through direct marketing, and that is through websites, billboards, bandit signs, and letters. These are common signs that an investor is actively searching for homes that can be bought at a relatively lower price. But there are other ways to look for investors, such as: looking for bandit signs at intersections or on the sides of roads; searching for real investor organizations in the area; using the Internet to search for cash buyers in the area; searching on Facebook or Craigslist for “we buy houses” ads; and asking family and friends if they know any real estate investors. The article suggests that asking family and friends is likely to be the best way to find a cash buyer. If they don’t, the next best alternative would be to search online for a list of buyers and then check on their reviews and the info about the company to ensure they are legit. Those who want to know the exact location and other relevant information about Mandich Property Group can check out their Google Maps page at

The article also examines the pros and cons of selling to a cash buyer. The advantages of selling to a cash buyer include: a much faster completion of the sale because there is no need to wait for a home financing approval; convenience because there is no need to repair or clean up the property; avoidance of complications that usually occur with the traditional way of selling a home, including the typical costs and fees.

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of selling a house to a cash buyer is that the selling price will usually be less compared to the price that can be obtained through the conventional route. They advise home sellers to be wary of cash buyers who request for a fee.

In summary, looking for a cash buyer is quite easy to do. Asking family and friends and searching online can provide a list of potential cash buyers. However, It is vital to check on the cash buyer if they are legitimate and not just out to take advantage of the home seller. If they ask for a fee, it is advisable to simply avoid them. Meanwhile, those who have a property in Acworth or anywhere in the metropolitan Atlanta area, may want to contact Mandich Property Group for a possible all cash offer for the property, whatever its condition or size.

Mandich Property Group is a family operated and locally owned real estate investment company that is located in Marietta, GA. The company is composed of Jennifer Mandich, Trevor Mandich and Natasha Mandich who have a combined experience of more than 30 years with regards to investing. They are committed to offering the best possible solution for their clients and also the best all cash offer. They assure clients that they won’t have to worry about getting low ball offers that are quite common when dealing with “we buy houses” companies. They understand that those who want to sell their home are likely to be experiencing difficulties and they always treat them with respect and care.

Those who are looking for a company that buys houses with cash can check out the Mandich Property Group website, call them on the phone, or contact them by email. They are open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm at any day of the week.


For more information about Mandich Property Group, contact the company here:

Mandich Property Group
Jennifer Mandich
770 756-8680
2415 Broward Dr, Marietta, GA 30066


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