Man Thanks Resurgence Behavioral Health for Making Rehab a Fun Experience

July 06, 2023 at 22:16

Costa Mesa, California -

Costa Mesa, California—Fun is not usually associated with drug and alcohol rehab, which often evokes images of unhappy addicts struggling to cope in grim, joyless surroundings. But fun is precisely what a client named Noah found at Resurgence Behavioral Health.

I loved it here, and I never thought I would say that about a rehab,” Noah wrote in a five-star review of Resurgence’s facility in Costa Mesa, California.

Costa Mesa Addiction Treatment Center Close To The Ocean

“The staff is amazing,” he continued. “They care so much about each and every one of the clients. We go on fun outings multiple times throughout the week, so you never feel like you are stuck in the house all the time. The group facilitators they bring to run groups are top-tier.”

Not everything at Resurgence is fun – as anyone can tell you who has been through the physical pain of detox or endured the emotional pain of facing inner demons during therapy. But as much as possible, Resurgence makes alcohol treatment programs and drug rehab comfortable and pleasant – even enjoyable at times. At Resurgence, every effort is made to create a supportive community where clients can undertake a journey of recovery that begins by discovering the root causes of their addiction and learning how to overcome them so they can progress toward their best lives.

At all of its facilities, Resurgence creates a relaxing environment so clients can focus on recovery with as little stress as possible. Instead of bland, no-frills décor and services that are the stereotype of traditional rehab, clients are given a cheerful, well-appointed setting that feels more like a home than a rehab center. It’s designed to make them realize they deserve a life free of addiction – and can even be happy as they live it. Comfort amenities include chef-prepared meals, TVs in bedrooms, exercise areas, and games.

Smoking is allowed – a nicotine addiction can be dealt with elsewhere. Addicted couples can take inpatient treatment together while staying in separate, same-sex living areas. Knowing the emotional support many people get from companion animals, Resurgence also allows clients to bring their pets.

And yes, Resurgence clients do have fun. They can go on recreational outings like museum visits and beach days. Resurgence also encourages participation in community service projects, demonstrating that each person can make a difference and help someone else even while they are being assisted and no matter what they’re going through in their own lives.

Clients enjoy off-site activities together, enabling them to relax and enjoy spending time on hikes, watching movies, or visiting local museums. These adventures balance the serious work of treatment with the enjoyment of physical recreation and intellectual pursuits. They help clients have fun and unwind while maintaining their sobriety.

Physical activity is a crucial part of Resurgence’s holistic treatment strategy. Physical fitness can be a powerful support for addiction recovery. Activities like hiking, walking, or running can serve as a distraction from cravings for addictive substances. They can dispel negative emotions and are a positive way to handle stressful situations. And, of course, they build up the body that has deteriorated from substance abuse.

Throughout the whole treatment process, Resurgence’s professional team oversees healing from substance use disorder, including co-occurring mental health issues, as clients relax, learn and participate in the recovery process that can lead to sustained sobriety.

“Thanks to Resurgence I don’t think I will be going to rehab again,” Noah concluded in his review, “ but if I do, I will definitely be coming back here!!”

Anyone struggling with substance abuse or seeking help for someone else can start the healing process by visiting Resurgence Behavioral Health or calling 855-458-0050.


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