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November 29, 2022 at 00:12

Tempe, Arizona -

Lucid Leverage LLC, a digital marketing agency based in Tempe, AZ, is pleased to announce that they can provide SEO for CBD websites, including those for medical marijuana (MMJ) dispensaries. CBD and MMJ businesses find themselves in a unique situation when it comes to using Google and social media platforms for search engine optimization or SEO. This is because Google, YouTube, and Facebook won’t allow PPC campaigns for CBD and MMJ companies due to the controversial nature of the products they are offering. Fortunately, Lucid Leverages offers SEO for CBD and MMJ websites in Phoenix, AZ, and throughout the United States.

Chris Quintela, owner and founder of Lucid Leverage LLC, says, “The professional team at Lucid Leverage has both the knowledge to do SEO techniques effectively and the realization of the specific buzzwords and features of the CBD and MMJ (medical marijuana) dispensaries industry. There are some unique factors which enter into preparing search engine optimization for CBD websites and dispensaries. Because of the nature of the main products, careful attention must be paid to the legalities of the wording as well as of the offerings themselves. While the dispensaries may understand some of the limitations, it is up to the digital marketing firm to display the cannabis products in a way that demonstrates compliance with the laws and statutes while still getting the improved and sustained visibility on organic Google search and social media including YouTube.”

An important factor is to provide a description explanation of the features of the products shown on the websites. This is essential whether the purchase is to be made through a CBD online store or at one of the licensed marijuana dispensaries. The form of the product being sold will also be important. For instance, MMJ might be sold as a pre-rolled joint, vape juice, or as a flower. CBD oil is a common form of cannabis products that can be found in CBD online stores and dispensaries. Other ways that the cannabis products may be sold include gummies, cookies, beverages in different flavors, butters, and medicated oils. The form of the CBD oil and MMJ which is purchased will depend on its intended use and the legalities from state to state within the country.

Meanwhile, customers will want to know about the cultivation of the cannabis or medical marijuana plants. Information on the cultivation methods will include facts on how the organic medical marijuana were grown in a environmentally friendly way. The information provided on the website will also include the level of CBD and/or THC for each product. Customers will also be interested in the purity of the cannabis or medical marijuana used in the products. Purity and cleanliness in the growing and packaging of the products is vital because they are intended for use as medicinal products.

In addition, there are different strains of medical marijuana with different kinds of genetics and customers are also interested in that information because each strain has certain characteristics that they prefer. And because consumers will always want to take a look at customer testimonials first before buying, the digital marketing team at Lucid Leverage will create review videos about the CBD products and the custom strains of medical marijuana and put them on YouTube and other platforms to maximize exposure and help with SEO.

Since 2015, Lucid Leverage LLC has been serving as a digital marketing agency that offers various kinds of services, such as social media marketing, SEO, YouTube marketing, and online reputation management in Canada, the UK, and the US. Their team of SEO experts have been providing their services for digital marketing for various companies, including the largest companies. They have been offering their SEO services in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and New York City, for many years, allowing them to craft very effective digital marketing techniques that have enabled their clients, including small businesses, to enhance their presence on the search engine results.

Those who are interested in SEO services for CBD and MMJ websites can visit the Lucid Leverage website or contact them through the phone or by email.


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