Landscape Design Service Available In Pembroke Pines

December 26, 2022 at 23:01

FL based EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is inviting the residents of Pembroke Pines to get in touch today to start planning their new landscaping project. The company works with private residences as well as businesses, and they boast several years of experience.

Each property’s needs are different, and every customer will have different preferences, the company acknowledges. While certain ideas will inevitably trend by virtue of their popularity and other factors (such as affordability), EPS Landscaping & Tree Service says their team makes it a point to avoid making assumptions before they have spoken to the present project’s home or business owner at length. This is due to the fact that no two projects are alike, even though they may share some similarities. Each home, for instance, is a reflection of its owner's personality, and subtle variations on a popular trend can still deliver a distinct, unique appeal. Similarly, a business’ prosperity can depend greatly on the impression it gives prospective customers.

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service recognizes that their team has a responsibility to ensure each project achieves the customer’s goals. Customer satisfaction is their foremost priority.

“Our customers appreciate what we are capable of,” says EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, “and we take every opportunity to make sure they feel heard at all times. We may be the experts, but it is ultimately your property, and your insight matters to us. We will simply do our best to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your landscaping. Our expertise is always at your disposal, and you can rely on us to execute your vision exactly as planned each and every time. We cordially encourage you to talk to our team whenever you have an idea for a future project, even if it may only be a relatively minor improvement.”

Tropical landscaping is an example of a trend that has proven quite popular in Pembroke Pines, but each property’s layout has to be taken into consideration when beginning a project. The team always begins by mapping out the site’s terrain and notable features (such as the size of the main inhabitable structures relative to the outdoor spaces and so on). This type of landscaping is known for being rather complicated due to its tendency to utilize a large variety of plants. Each plant requires a certain method of care, so the complexity of a project rises with the variety of plants being installed. As an example, the company highlights the fact that they have to consider the amount of sunlight each plant pot receives.

The company also prefers to incorporate the property’s existing features wherever possible. Homes that have pools may benefit from landscaping being added nearby, making the pool more inviting — and boosting its cooling effect, a necessity given the strength of Florida’s sun. EPS Landscaping & Tree Service says many landscaping designs are complementary, and customers need not implement any drastic changes if they do not wish to.

Cheyn B. says, “Had a great experience with EPS. We called for an estimate and not only did they answer the phone immediately, they came out within two hours for a quote. By week’s end, my garden beds were refreshed and looking awesome again! Thank you, Greg and Jessica, for your prompt service and reasonable pricing.”

The company has been taking steps to improve their customer service and engagement, and this has been noted by new customers as well. In a more recent review, Bryan G. says, “I used this business and I'm very pleased with their services. From the staff, customer service, and owner everyone was professional and understanding of my wants and needs. I could not recommend this company enough. They did an excellent job at an affordable price. I will definitely be using them for landscaping services in the future.”

The company also offers a tree care, tree trimming and tree removal service in Pembroke Pines. Customers are welcome to request multiple services at any time, and the team will figure out the best way to proceed once they assess the property’s needs. EPS Landscaping & Tree Service can be reached by phone or email. The company is also active on social media.


For more information about EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC, contact the company here:

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC
Greg O'Connell
(954) 980-9003
EPS Landscaping & Tree Service
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028


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