International Mover Publishes Advice for Removals to USA From the UK

November 15, 2022 at 17:06

International Mover, a UK-based web service, has recently released a guide for expats looking for removals to the USA from the UK, the guide explains the importance of selecting a removal company that provides assistance with packing and has years of experience in the removals industry. International Mover is a web-based service that was created to help UK expats by providing tips and advice on how to move overseas. It does this by posting many blogs with helpful advice on everything from packing to country-specific international removals.

Kimberlee Fenn, the founder of International Mover, advises that people should let their belongings be professionally packed by the removal company’s experienced packing team. Fenn points this out because there is no substitute for experience when it comes to protecting furniture and other household items that are subjected to many extremes when they travel long distances overseas to America. It was also stressed that clearly labelling all household items that are not visible under wrapping or packed in boxes will significantly simplify the unpacking process.

Other non-packing aspects of moving furniture to the USA from the UK that were discussed by the website include the importance of confirming specific dates on the relocation timeline. This will help greatly with the successful planning and execution of an international relocation from start to finish. Expats moving overseas were also reminded to put their affairs in order before departing by doing such things as cancelling utilities, getting required bank steps taken care of, and making sure that remaining UK bills are paid in full. For UK expats with a tight budget looking to move, they were advised to look out for sea freight services. Although it is a slower service, Fenn stated that the cost is often less than sea freight.

The web service’s founder went on to state that the reason she created her web service is that she felt there was a lack of resources and advice to help expats plan and adapt to an overseas move. Fenn says, “As someone who has made the move to Australia from the UK, I was left overwhelmed and stressed by the whole process and wanted to help others who are making similar moves overseas. Here you will find all the information you will need on what to do prior to the move and after to have the least stressful process possible. Hopefully, you will learn from some of my mistakes!” It’s a philosophy that has led to the creation of a web service that so far has helped many enjoy the process of moving abroad from the UK.

Some of the other overseas move information that has been posted on her website includes how to ship furniture overseas, shipping pets abroad, how to find work overseas, and even an article that discussed some of the advantages of moving abroad. Fenn mentioned that there is even a comprehensive moving abroad checklist on the website that includes overlooked international moving aspects such as creating a digital trail of the move, how to plan and finance the move, and reasons why not to wait until the last minute to do any overseas moving tasks.

Everything that was mentioned above and more about helping expats undertake seamless overseas moves can be found on the International Mover website.


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