Indianapolis General Contractor Heartland Builders Is Offering Home Improvement Services

March 25, 2022 at 16:30

Heartland Builders, a general contracting minority-owned company from Indianapolis, is offering a range of home improvement services to residential and commercial clients in the city.

The company’s residential expertise includes baths, roofs, sidings, and gutters. The company also serves businesses that are looking for a trustworthy and reliable contractor that can restore their commercial property to excellent shape. Heartland Builders was established in 2015 and, in that short period, it has completed over 1200 projects for clients across the city and other parts of Indiana. Its services cover 15 cities all over the state and the quality of its services has been lauded everywhere the company goes. This is evident in the 26 awards it has received from different organizations and publications since opening up shop. The company even has a perfect 5-star rating on its Google My Business page from over 75 reviews which is a testament to the quality of work that it delivers and the level of customer service that it provides.

The company has a simple process for helping its clients. Clients can call up the company to get a free no-obligation consultation to describe the problem they are facing and ask for specific or general help, depending on their level of comfort with the problem. The company’s technical staff will hear out the client’s problem and then send over an advisor who will visit the site to get a first-hand account of the problem that needs to be solved. The advisor will then report back to his or her team about the extent of the work requested, the amount of manpower required, the kind of equipment required, the materials and resources that need to be sourced to finish the job within budget, and set up a schedule that works for the client. Once the client agrees to the company’s proposal, they just have to sit back and relax while the company’s general contractors get to work and transform their space, upgrading it as per the decided upon job specifications in the stipulated time.

A spokesperson for the company explains what separates it from other contractors in Indianapolis by saying, “Over the years we have established ourselves as a trusted, reliable, and high-quality contractor. This is because we are dedicated to not just completing the task, but also to exceed the customer's expectations. Our work is immaculate and will hold muster to the highest standards in the industry. However, it is also the professionalism with which we deliver that work quality that makes us a cut above the rest. We put the customer’s needs front and center. We respect customers’ time, money, and property and take as many things as possible off their plate so that they can afford to just tune out and let us take the project to completion. This level of service has been perfected after years of dealing with all kinds of clients and working every type of contracting job under the sun. The in-house team that has been with us all this time is comprised of technicians who are subject matter experts in their respective fields and they are the secret behind the consistency with which we deliver superior quality work. We can talk our customer’s language. We aim to communicate the specifics of the job clearly so that there are no ambiguities and the customer is always aware of what they are paying for. We set the proper expectations from the start. If we promise to deliver the roof in 2 days, it is going to take 2 days and not a moment more. As a result, our customers have grown to love us as we have never abandoned a single one and have always uplifted them to help them meet their goals for their residential or commercial property. So if you are looking to hire a no-nonsense team-oriented company that is as involved in and dedicated to the long-term betterment of the Indianapolis community, give Heartland Builders a call.”

Heartland Builders can be contacted at the phone number (317) 420-2455 and the email address


For more information about The Heartland Builders, contact the company here:

The Heartland Builders
Andrew Walker
333 E Ohio St. Unit 101, Indianapolis, IN 46204


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