Homeowners Benefit Long-Term With Mighty Dog Roofing Of Richmond

July 12, 2023 at 21:46

VA based Mighty Dog Roofing Of Richmond is reminding customers to take full advantage of their long-term services. While the roofer is known for offering a comprehensive service that covers all roof-related matters, customers have access to certain advantages that may be useful in other contexts as well. See more here: Visit Company Website.

“When you work with Mighty Dog Roofing,” says the company, “you’re choosing to work with a partner who will freely share the resources they create with you. Most roofing projects, for example, require us to perform a thorough inspection of the property in question in order for us to understand what it needs. The data generated via these inspections is saved so that we can understand how your home and roof fare over time. This is one of the main reasons why customers come back to us — we always have a deeper understanding of their needs than the average contractor.”

As part of their inspections, the company may capture a great deal of footage of a roof in order to document its status. This information may be captured via drone technology as well, offering a detailed view that might be challenging or dangerous to obtain by other means. This information goes into the company’s secure Customer Vault once a job is complete, and it is used (or updated) when the company next visits the property, either for maintenance or a different job altogether.

However, this information can be requested by customers at any time. Some, the company says, may use the footage to market their property better if they wish to sell it. Others may use it as part of their documentation when submitting an insurance claim. Whatever the customer may need it for, the company will deliver. See more here: Visit Web Site.

Other information that may be added to the Customer Vault include repair records, manufacturer information, tracking information regarding all repairs and replacements (with dates, products and services used) and more. This is invaluable when the company works on a roof (such as when their Mighty Watchdog Maintenance program is utilized, but customers are just as welcome to make use of this data.

Mighty Dog Roofing serves customers across the nation, and the company is proud of the fact that every branch boasts an excellent reputation, being a credit to the Mighty Dog brand. As such, customers can expect the same of Mighty Dog Roofing of Richmond.

“I submitted an online inquiry and Ethan responded the same day,” says a customer who has previously worked with the brand. “I sent him some pictures of my gutter, and he sent me a detailed estimate that same evening. The next morning, Jeremiah showed up promptly and quickly surveyed the situation. Jeremiah was professional, knowledgeable, efficient and very personable! He was honest and straightforward and didn't try to upsell me whatsoever. Jeremiah completed the work in a very timely fashion and provided me with a detailed explanation. This is a family owned company run by ‘salt of the earth’ people. I will recommend them to all my friends and family. Thanks, guys!”

Other customers comment on the fact that Mighty Dog Roofing is known for being punctual. “They were very quick to respond when I called,” shares a review. “Very professional and friendly on the phone and in person. They came out the night before and caped our home to catch all debris and then the next day shingled our entire roof and replaced a couple downspouts.”

The company understands that roofing emergencies cannot be ignored since they can quickly worsen with little to no warning. To protect their community and minimize how much is lost, the team makes it a point to respond to calls as soon as possible. Their exclusive — and free — Mighty Watchdog Maintenance program also contributes to this.

Mighty Dog Roofing of Richmond says customers may contact the team at any time to learn more about the information they gather and what it is used for. A customer may also request the team’s free 25 Point Inspection if they have any concerns about their roof.


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of Richmond, contact the company here:

Mighty Dog Roofing of Richmond
2010 Chamberlayne Ave Suite A, Richmond, VA, 23222


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