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September 14, 2022 at 15:00

Columbia, Georgia -

Sol Himalayan Salt Cave & Spa, based in Evans, GA, is pleased to offer a range of therapeutic massage services to their clients. Although the day spa may be best known for the serene, calming environments they provide for salt therapy, Sol asserts that any visit can be significantly improved with the help of their skilled massage therapist team, and they encourage their community to consider this selection of services during their next visit.

A client may decide to get a Swedish massage, in which the therapist uses soft, kneading strokes to relieve stress in the body's deepest muscles. This massage therapy is thorough, and it is mostly utilized to revive the body and enhance general health. The client is likely to feel energized after this massage as well. As an alternative to the Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage can also be used to release muscle tension with slow, deliberate pressure. Here, the therapist focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia, and the resulting relief can be felt throughout the body.

While these are popular services, the massage clinic says a client’s needs may benefit from other types of massage in order for them to achieve a sense of balance and well being. Fortunately, their therapists are experienced in a comprehensive array of massage therapies, and they are always pleased to share recommendations based on a client’s needs.

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For instance, a person who visits Sol with painful swelling in their arms or legs may benefit from lymphatic drainage massage. Also known as manual lymphatic drainage, this gentle massage is designed to remove toxins, restore the body’s natural immune function and proactively supplement its overall ability to resist negative health conditions. Sol also takes the client’s preferences into account, so this massage (and others) may be requested even in the absence of unwanted symptoms.

A client who is dealing with lower back pain may be advised to receive a neuromuscular massage at Sol. It is particularly useful in situations where they have experienced a muscle strain while engaging in sports or even mildly strenuous activities at home. This form of therapy primarily targets the soft tissue — the trigger point — that causes the pain, and the therapist will apply alternating levels of concentrated pressure with their fingers, knuckles or elbow. The client may feel discomfort, particularly at the beginning as their problem areas are addressed, but Sol says this should diminish as their condition improves over the course of the therapy.

Similarly, more extensive injuries or strains sustained during heavy activity may be addressed with a sports massage. According to Sol, this type of massage is proven to reduce or completely release tension in muscles, boost circulation and even help the body safely rid itself of lactic acid buildup (a common side effect of extensive physical activity). Notably, this massage is great for athletes because it offers a range of psychological benefits, such as helping them de-stress and get in the right frame of mind for upcoming events or competitions.

Certain massage therapies can be used to treat non-sports related injuries as well, and Sol offers an excellent medical massage for this purpose. Typically, a medical provider may recommend this therapy to help a patient who is experiencing a specific condition, so Sol’s therapists will adjust their technique in order to accommodate the overall treatment plan. The medical diagnosis will inform their decisions in this regard, and this in turn means medical massage therapy is likely to focus on a single area instead of the full body, as is common with other therapies.

Sol offers medical and manual cupping where appropriate as well (in order to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow and more), along with full body stretching therapy (with the aim of improving overall mobility and flexibility), prenatal massage (a gentle therapy for clients during their pregnancy) and so on. Clients may also undergo a hot stone massage, Himalayan salt stone massage, sugar scrub massage and more, depending on what would help most. Many of the massage therapies are customizable, and Sol always encourages clients to make their desires and needs known so their therapists can take their preferences into account.

More details about the massage services available at Sol Himalayan Salt Cave & Spa are on their website. Those interested are also invited to get in touch with the team directly via phone or email.


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