Hello Spica Reveals Secrets To Boosting Metabolism After 40

April 20, 2023 at 16:15

One of the keys to boosting metabolism after 40, according to a study by Spica, confirms that diet plays a significant role, but some key foods are better than others.

New York City, NY – Some of the tips by Hello Spica highlight the need for healthy protein intake. While most people ask, “How to speed up your metabolism after 40,” they often get a vague, “Improve your diet,” but what exactly should be done, the company asks.

According to the brand’s blog post, a healthy intake is around 25 to 30 grams of protein in the morning. However, protein consumption should continue throughout the day. In addition, people who want to know how to boost metabolism after 40 should start by evaluating their body mass index. This gives dieticians a good starting point and can help determine what diet will work best to burn more fat and how much fat needs to be burnt.

Hello Spica also recommends fruits and veggies in addition to eating light at night. Empty carbs from soda are a big no, according to experts. Instead, people should rely on water for good hydration, as dehydration can slow down metabolism resulting in the body burning less fat.

People who want to learn how to increase metabolism after 40 should start by reading Hello Spica’s blog post, which goes into more detail: https://hellospica.com/how-to-speed-up-your-metabolism-after-40/

“Anyone who wants to learn how to boost metabolism after 40 should start with learning more about their body. Diet is a major part of how much fat your body is primed to burn, but exercise shouldn’t be ignored, particularly strength training. Lifting weights and doing body-weight exercises can help you burn fat and build muscle, which helps increase metabolism in the long term. While cardio will burn fat, building muscle allows your body to burn more calories, even if that adds more weight on the scale,” said one of the experts at Hello Spica.

She added, “The key to boosting metabolism after 40 is to understand that your body has changed, and thus what you used to do and eat in your 20s will now have to change.”

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