Forensic Audio Expert Steven Beck Provided Gunshot and Explosion Analysis for Journalist Investigation of Tehran’s Evin Prison Riot

December 20, 2022 at 05:20

As part of the news agency’s investigation on what happened at the Iranian Prison fire that occurred on October 15 2022, The Washington Post called in Steven Beck, a forensic audio expert who provided an audio analysis from videos obtained from the event where 8 people were killed and 61 were injured.

Mr. Beck, founder and principle of Beck Audio Forensics, is a recorded audio expert, specifically for recorded sound of gunshots, gun fire and explosions.

Video recordings often do not capture critical evidence during the commission of crimes. The recorded sound often contains information that can assist investigators understand the sequence of events and identities during an event. Proper analysis of recorded sounds is crucial if the evidence will be used in court and requires specialized analysis methods, tools, and experience.

Recorded gunshots are approximately 1 millisecond in duration and usually distorted by the environment and the recording system. Knowledge of how these these factors intersect, along with years of practical experience is required to provide expert analysis.

From recordings of multiple cell phones that streamed live recordings of the Evin prison riot, Beck analyzed those recordings and was able to identify 112 separate gunshots and 2 explosions.

According to Beck, “Forensic gunshot analysis is a specialty under the general topic of forensic audio. Forensic audio includes the analysis and identification of all recorded sounds, including natural, man-made, voice, and gunshots. In order to identify all types, expert knowledge of sound production, propagation, and recording effects is required in all cases that I work on.”

Beck served as an expert acoustics consultant for the FBI for 16 years and has 10 years of experience as an audio expert witness, testifying in numerous court cases. Additionally, he has authored many fundamental, peer-reviewed papers in the areas of recorded gunshot and voice analysis.

Beck Audio Forensics offers forensic audio service with an expertise in gunshot analysis and expert witness testimony since 2013. Mr. Beck has successfully completed over 30 cases, with most cases involving recorded gunshots.


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