Find Addiction Rehabs Talks About Detox Medications for Alcohol and Other Related Topics in New Blog Posts

February 24, 2023 at 22:21

Boca Raton, Florida -

Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), a company based in Boca Raton, FL that offers helpful information resources on addiction treatment and how it is now more accessible to those who need it, has released another trio of articles on alcohol rehab, such as the article on knowing the types of medications used during alcohol detox. The second article is dispels the myth about the alcoholic nose and the third article explains the difference between social drinking and problem drinking.

A spokesperson for FAR says, “Medically supervised detox is a crucial step in the alcohol addiction treatment process, as it can help to treat withdrawal symptoms, minimize physical and psychological cravings, and provide the necessary medical support to ensure a safe and successful recovery. Medical detox for alcohol withdrawal is an important first step in the recovery process, as it helps to reduce the risk of potential complications that can occur due to the sudden removal of alcohol from the body.”

Alcohol detox pills being given by a doctor for a client who found treatment help with Find Addiction Rehabs

The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can vary from mild to severe and may include vomiting, nausea, high blood pressure, raised heart rate, anxiety, and seizures. Medical detox can help in decreasing the severity of these symptoms, thus allowing the withdrawal process to be more comfortable and manageable. And during the medical detox process, a team of medical professionals monitor the patient, and the medications often used include benzodiazepines, anticonvulsants, and antidepressants.

In the second article, they discuss what is mistakenly referred to as drinker's nose, particularly the skin condition called rhinophyma. It is due to enlarged blood vessels that burst under the skin’s surface and cause inflammation and red bumps on or around the nose. Fortunately, very few people develop rhinophyma. But unfortunately, this condition has been erroneously called “alcoholic nose.” And while people who drink alcohol often appear flushed and have a red nose, this doesn’t mean that they have rhinophyma.

In the third article, they differentiate social drinking and problem drinking to help drinkers know when their “social drinking” has turned into an alcohol use disorder. It is important to note that while social drinking has been considered as acceptable throughout the country for years, too much consumption of alcohol even in social contexts can be dangerous and may become habit-forming after a certain period of time. Drinking is common in social gatherings because of alcohol’s ability to decrease social anxiety and make people feel less intimidated when attending social gatherings. However, binge drinking or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can result into alcohol poisoning, which can be life-threatening if not addressed properly. People who drink socially need not develop an alcohol use disorder, especially for those who pay attention to their limits and cease drinking as soon as they feel any signs of intoxication. On the other hand, people who drink excessively usually to cope with unpleasant emotions or problems typically don’t know when to stop drinking. When this happens often, it can lead to a drinking problem.

Find Addiction Rehabs provides a website that functions as a vital resource for people who are looking into drug and alcohol rehab facilities either for themselves or for their loved one. This website publishes expert articles or guest blogs that contain important information on the various existing rehab programs in different locations in the US and recent updates regarding addiction, addictive substances, and the most modern rehab and treatment strategies. The FAR website is not the usual directory listing or directory website that simply provides a listing of drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers and their contact details. The FAR website presents all kinds of available info on the various types of addiction, the different kinds of addictive substances, the types of drugs that are currently popular among users, and the latest treatment strategies to help people recover from their addiction problem.

They are encouraging those who are interested in getting admitted to a rehab facility to call them on the telephone for a more confidential consultation and those searching for more information such as knowing when social drinking transitions to problem drinking can check out the Find Addiction Rehabs website and their social media pages.


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