FAR: Heroin Addiction Treatment Starts With Understanding The Condition

August 18, 2022 at 15:23

Boca Raton, Florida -

A new resource on heroin addiction has been published by Boca Raton, FL based Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR). While the organization observes that this drug has largely stayed out of the public spotlight for several years, partly due to the rising popularity of other substances, they explain that heroin has become an appealing alternative to high street prices and state regulations that cracked down on pain pills.

The resource explains, “Heroin is an opioid that is made from morphine, usually found in the form of a white or brown powder. It may also take on the appearance of a black, tar-like substance, commonly referred to as ‘black-tar heroin.’ According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), heroin is currently classified as a Schedule I controlled substance. This means that it has an extremely high risk for addiction and, unlike other opioids which may be used as prescription drugs, no accepted medical use.”

Paraphernalia for opiate use show the need for effective heroin addiction treatment such as found through Find Addiction Rehabs

Notably, FAR says the majority of people who develop a drug addiction will not do so with the intent of participating in harmful or destructive behaviors (either to themselves or others). Instead, their situation is better described as that of people who have resorted to substance use as a means to seek relief from internal or external stressors. In other contexts, this would not be an issue since there are healthy ways to seek relief as well. With heroin, unfortunately, the euphoric rush and relaxing high it produces can make it irresistible, in turn increasing the likelihood of the individual developing a dependency on it despite its negative effects.

Heroin can be imbibed via several methods, and each may produce a distinctive high. While some may sniff, snort or smoke this substance, others may shoot heroin instead, also known as ‘shooting up.’ Here, heroin is injected directly into the veins with a needle, allowing the drug to travel to the brain much faster, thus producing a faster high. Find Addiction Rehabs says the sensation is so intense that it also makes it more likely for people to utilize this method. This is exacerbated by the fact that users quickly build up a tolerance to this method, even though the initial effect is overstimulating. As a result, other methods become less preferable.

In another resource on the subject, FAR says users will employ a variety of methods to make their veins protrude more (since they tend to wear out). Any item that can be used to wrap tightly around the arm may be used, though the organization points out that users may also switch to other veins for easier access. Once they can no longer use the veins in the arms, they may choose veins in the legs, hands, feet, neck, breasts (for females) and so on.

“When high,” a spokesman for Find Addiction Rehabs says, “it is common for heroin users to drift off to sleep, which is referred to as ‘nodding’ off. They may also experience nausea and/or vomiting, excessive itching, have a dry mouth (cotton-mouth), slow and slurred speech and/or have a glazed over look about them. Many will operate at a slower pace although, especially when the heroin is mixed with crack cocaine, they may also become overactive and even paranoid. Heroin may also commonly be mixed with other drugs, such as methamphetamine, alcohol and various other substances.” The act of combining or ‘cutting’ heroin with other substances, such as cocaine, can make it much more dangerous as well, especially given that it is often impossible for users to confirm the purity of each individual substance.

Injection drug use in particular is known to be dangerous because users also tend to engage in damaging habits that place them at higher risk. An example of this is the habit of reusing syringes or sharing needles with other parties, which increases their risk of coming in contact with communicable diseases (among others). Even ‘perfect’ injections can lead to the vein collapsing as a result of overuse, which ultimately places undue strain on the circulatory system, and there is always a high risk of overdose and death.


Find Addiction Rehabs makes it their mission to connect their community with potentially life-saving resources in situations regarding substance use and abuse. Whether an individual is known to be snorting, injecting or smoking heroin, for instance, they and their loved ones can learn a great deal about this type of addiction via FAR’s published articles. Additionally, they can reach out to the team directly for assistance locating rehab facilities and more. Find Addiction Rehabs places an emphasis on offering practical, useful assistance, and this includes helping people find rehab centers that are within their means. They encourage any and all interested parties to reach out by phone for assistance, any time of day or night.


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