ERTC GOV Announces Small Business Employee Retention Tax Credit Claim Processing Milestone

July 22, 2022 at 15:55

ERTC GOV, a CPA firm from Indiana, has announced that, to date, it's team has helped over 4000 small businesses process their ERTC tax credit claims. The company is using the milestone to remind small businesses in the country of its simple claims process that can help them determine their qualification for the ERTC tax credit.

A spokesperson for ERTC GOV talked about its success in helping over 4000 clients process ERTC claims by saying, “While there have been many fly-by-night companies popping up to try to sell small business owners on processing their ERTC claims, here at ERTC GOV, we have focused on providing professional ERTC services. We knew providing audit-proof documentation was a priority for our clients. So, 4,000 clients later, we're happy to have a proven track record. We attribute this achievement to how extremely easy we have made it for businesses to get started with processing their ERTC tax credit claim. Our process is intentionally simple by starting with the short online form. Once you complete the preliminary qualification survey, the further process is just as simple and intuitive. In this economic climate, we see this as leaving money on the table for our clients if they forgo claiming the money due to them. These business owners can use the money from the rebate to better serve their business’s needs and make up for the sacrifices that they had to make during the pandemic. With more than 4000 other small businesses helped, we have the process smoothed out so our clients can get their claim handled properly. Questions about the government’s Employee Retention Tax Credit program or our services, check out the ERTC FAQ section on our website."

ERTC Tax Credit

ERTC GOV’s preliminary qualification form only asks small business owners 4 simple questions about their business. If their answers determine that they qualify, ERTC GOV prompts them to complete a questionnaire, with 10 questions, that is emailed to them via a secure link. Along with the questionnaire the small business owner is required to upload their 941 returns, PPP loan documents, and raw payroll data on the secure portal. Based on the information they provide, ERTC GOV will then calculate the credit that they can receive from the IRS. Once the small business owner approves, ERTC GOV’s team will then start working to help them file the 941-X Amended payroll returns. A short time later, the IRS will mail the business owner a check with the money that they were owed under the Employee Retention Tax Credit program.

ERTC GOV claims to have a process that is guaranteed to maximize refundable credits for local and small to medium-sized businesses. The company takes no upfront ERTC fees from its clients and will only charge them if they receive a refund from the IRS. One of the greatest benefits of working with the company is its commitment to offering its clients audit-proof documentation, a promise that other CPA firms don’t make. Another perk of working with ERTC GOV is that it offers its clients The Rapid Rebate™. ERTC GOV reveals that it maintains a high standard of service for helping small business owners maximize their Employee Retention Tax Credit because it specializes in it. It does not split its resources to provide other financial services such as preparing income taxes, compiling financial statements, or providing attestation services of any kind.

The company has provided a list of the several types of businesses that it has helped around the country just in the last 30 days. Some of ERTC GOV’s recent clients include businesses such as consulting firms, presentation design agencies, restaurant ownership groups, Montessori schools, steakhouses, temp staffing companies, hair salons, sandwich shops, pizzerias, toilet manufacturers, churches, gyms, hotels, nutrition products distributors, general contractors, field examiners, commercial cleaners, ESL schools, HVAC contractors, marketing agencies, dental practices, car dealerships, non-profit organizations, and more.

While the ERTC has a limited time frame to retroactively claim these credits, ERTC GOV stands to make the complicated process simple for their clients.

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