Emerald Isle Health & Recovery Warns About the Dangers of Fentanyl and Stresses the Importance of Fentanyl Detox in Arizona

April 05, 2022 at 17:20

Youngtown, Arizona -

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, which is based in Sun City, AZ, wants to warn people about the dangers of fentanyl and the importance of fentanyl detox for the treatment of addiction to fentanyl in Arizona. Fentanyl is prescribed by doctors for pain management. However, it can be misused because of the psychological euphoria that it is able to evoke. This can also lead to an overdose of fentanyl and this could easily be fatal. Unfortunately, even if people who are addicted to fentanyl know how dangerous it is, they will often still continue using it.

Taking fentanyl can be likened to playing Russian roulette and it has been on the news recently for having killed so many people struggling with an addiction. It has become so notorious that it has become the face of the opioid epidemic sweeping the country. Fentanyl is a kind of synthetic opioid that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, and it is often prescribed by doctors for patients suffering from advanced stages of cancer or some other terminal illness.

Fentanyl laced pills and syringes show the need for fentanyl detox AZ with Emerald Isle Health and Recovery

Prescription opioid drugs typically pave the way toward heroin and then fentanyl. Synthetic opioids that are prescribed as pain killers can be addictive and those who get addicted to them will try to get hold of them on the black market since the amount they can get by prescription is limited. Unfortunately, prescription drugs are very costly on the black market. They end up shifting to heroin because it is much cheaper and can provide the same effects as those provided by prescription opioid drugs. Unfortunately, this can also lead to fentanyl addiction because heroin bought on the streets is frequently laced with fentanyl. And because fentanyl is very much more powerful, users can easily overdose and die.

Fortunately, it is still possible to recover from a fentanyl addiction or any other addiction to any opioid. However, it will be a difficult journey and will require much effort from the patient and also strong support from family and friends. Thus, it is important to let as many people as possible be aware of how dangerous fentanyl is, with more than 50,000 overdose deaths in 2021 alone.

Furthermore, Narcan has helped many people in surviving fentanyl overdoses. The Narcan spray for opioid overdose has become more available and it has become a crucial tool in allowing first responders to have a better chance of bringing a patient out of an overdose. The problem with fentanyl is that it is a prescribed drug and even those who are using it as a prescribed medication may develop a dependency on the drug. Fentanyl can have several side effects even for those who don’t overdose. These include: nausea, extreme happiness, confusion, drowsiness, constipation, sedation, respiratory arrest, respiratory depression, tolerance, unconsciousness, tolerance, addiction, coma, and death.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery was started with the mission of enabling people to have easier access to addiction treatment and recovery. Through the years, they have been continuously innovating and coming up with new treatment strategies while integrating services for both mental health and substance abuse problems. Their creative strategy is based on personalized, evidence-based treatment that is focused on the whole person aspects of care in order to make sure that the provision of full medical and clinical care to clients will allow them to attain long term sustainable recovery. They have carefully chosen the location of their rehab facilities to ensure that all clients will have a high degree of privacy and that they can stay away from the places, things and people that may encourage them to return to their addiction.

People who would like to know more about the treatment services offered by Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, including getting important information such as why is fentanyl so dangerous, can visit their website, or contact them on the telephone. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, any day of the week.


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