Dr. Valerie Gorman Joins Hologic Conference For Women In Breast Surgery

September 01, 2022 at 23:30

Waxahachie, Texas -

Waxahachie, TX based Texas Breast Center is pleased to share that Valerie Gorman, MD, FACS was selected for faculty at the prestigious Women in Breast Surgery conference, sponsored by Hologic. A breast surgeon who specializes in surgical oncology and surgical diseases of the breast, Dr. Gorman’s inclusion rounded off a four-person panel of renowned female surgeons. See more here: Dr. Valerie Gorman Faculty For Women In Breast Surgery.

The conference’s sponsor, Hologic, is committed to researching and manufacturing cutting-edge products that make it easier for healthcare professionals to detect, diagnose and treat illnesses as well as other health conditions. The organization aims for perfection at every stage, and they are quick to offer their support to other organizations and individuals in the medical field who share their team’s passion for pushing innovation in healthcare.

Hologic reportedly built the two-day conference with the intention of focusing attention on the personal and professional development of women breast cancer surgeons. As an exemplary example of an individual in such a position, Dr. Gorman was well placed to offer the benefit of her insight to the conference’s attendees.

The courses hosted at the conference touched on a myriad of topics but broadly centered on the link between the medical field and the business world. They encouraged attendees to step forward and promote themselves more, recognizing when they were the right people for leadership positions and advocating on their own behalf. In other words, it reinforced a truth: that women deserve a seat at the table and are perfectly capable of taking on leadership roles, especially since their qualifications tend to meet or even exceed others who have traditionally existed in said roles.

Dr. Gorman shares, “It was an honor to be a part of this and to provide the tips and tricks I wish I had known when I was starting in the field rather than learning these strategies the hard way. This is really exciting work for the breast surgeon community.” Her input led to attendees learning more about the practical aspects of their businesses as well, such as improving workflow efficiency, building their brand via modern marketing techniques (including digital marketing and social media) and more. Many also had the opportunity to take part in a negotiation workshop.

Those familiar with Dr. Gorman and her practice, Texas Breast Center, will immediately understand why she was selected for faculty at the Women in Breast Surgery conference. The practice has long had an active role in training the medical personnel of today and tomorrow, and the team’s efforts have earned universal acclaim. In fact, Hologic itself often entrusts Texas Breast Center with certain areas of training for its representatives. Training in breast cancer treatment and care advancements is also provided to physicians and other industry persons. Dr. Gorman comments that her experience in this role is partly what made her realize that this information should be shared as widely as possible, and this eventually led to her presenting at the conference.

Breast cancer is particularly important for women (and their healthcare teams) to know about because it is one of the most common cancers found in females. The only cancer more prevalent among this demographic, in fact, is skin cancer. As a result, a woman is very likely to either be diagnosed or know someone with breast cancer, and Dr. Gorman strongly believes that awareness is a crucial step in resolving this issue.

In part, this may mean educating women on performing self-checks, encouraging medical personnel not to dismiss female patient concerns (as is unfortunately common in medicine), promoting techniques and best practices that lead to earlier detection and so on. Dr. Gorman is also dedicated to empowering those just entering the field of breast cancer surgery with the information surrounding strong business tactics and state-of-the-art care for patients and their communities.

Dr. Gorman understands that many who could not attend the conference will still wish to benefit from the lessons it imparted if possible. For her part, she will continue to train medical personnel to the best of her ability at Texas Breast Center, and she is open to presenting at other events in the future. Any further inquiries may be directed to her office.


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